The Past Few Weeks #9 | Wedding anniversary, PureGym, Rock Choir & Slimming World

Wednesday 12 February 2020 Banbury, UK

This is the Number 9 of my personal and loving series: 'The Past Few Weeks' . My last one was in October last year which you can find here.

So what have been happening with me lately or at least since October 2019?
Apart the obvious Christmas, New Year's eve and my birthday (my birthday is a week before Christmas), I also been invited to a few blogging events and also few weeks ago I joined (almost at the same time) a gym, a Rock Choir , Slimming World and between all this I also celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary!! So that s many things to talk about.

First thing first above are not new year resolutions, I don't do them...or shall I say don't wait the 1st of January of every new year to make change in my life. I make them throughout the year this way I found thing 'less scary' or 'intimidating'.

But it is true since November and December I was thinking more and more about dieting etc. But it was never the right time mostly because I spent the whole October, November and December ill from a very nasty virus. I was treated for but I was warm by my doctor that this virus would not leave my body that easily he would hang in there for 8 to 12 weeks. And well it did...anyway I won't bore you with the details. All this to say that the last few months of 2019 were a bit 'meh' and I was looking forward to feeling better to start being more active in 2020.

Slimming World.
I won't say too much about this...or at least the reason why I joined it as it is rather personal but having say that by the time you read this you shall have see my 1st post: 'My Diet Journey || Week 1' . As per the very clear title I am doing a diet journey, I am in there for the long run. I won't say the weight I need to lose, as it is a very personal choice, but lets say it will take me about a year to lose it so it will be a long journey. I attend to documenting it on my own terms,  perhaps to inspire others that suffer from over weight and wish to lose weight.

Rock Choir.
This one is purely because I always wanted to be part of a choir but as I have no knowledge of music notes etc. the only choir that would disregard this is:  Rock Choir. The were happy to sign me in and I lately find out I am on Upper Altos Its fun and they do lots of charity works which I hope I ll be able to join whenever I can. I can sing , yet I am not Celine Dion but you know I am not that bad either.

Pure Gym
Right this one I guess I could say goes hand to hand with Slimming World but actually it does not . I was meant to join a gym for months but as I explained earlier... my health was not so great so I kept pushing it back until recently where I finally subscribed. I joined Pure Gym not in the purpose to lose weight but to get my heart pumping and that's all the matter for me.

My two Ivy blogging Events
I almost forgot to talk about the two incredible blogging events I got invited end of last year at The Ivy Oxford. The 1st one was the preview party for the launch of the new Ivy restaurant in Oxford and the second one, which you can find here, it was a blogger breakfast event. Both were amazing events and I invited you to read my two blog posts about it.

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary.
I still can't believe we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I also can't believe that I am married to my best friend. To celebrate our first Wedding Anniversary we went back to the restaurant where we had our first lunch as wife and husband and it was fabulous. This restaurant is The White Horse
 in King-Sutton.

So what's happening for the next few weeks, well … lots of house renovation, such as our kitchen and changing our windows that are like 100 years old and seen better days but we also have a trip to France planned for Spring. Exciting times ahead! Stay tuned.

What about you? Any future holiday or plans? Tell me all!


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