My Diet Journey || Week 3

Sunday 9 February 2020 Banbury, UK

27.02.20- 02.02.20

Week 3 Already!
M weight in was two days ago and I bet you all want to know how I did? Well... I  lost 4lb!!! which make it a total, including last week loss of, 10.5lb so half a stone!  So with that I  got my first 1/2 Congratulations Reward card from Slimming World.

Apart from that my week have been busy getting everything ready for the arrival of my parents. 
Long story short, they came here for my daughter's 3rd birthday which we celebrate on the 02.02.20. As I mentioned on my previous post I was worried about the amount of cakes etc that would be available to eat during my daughter's birthday afternoon, turned out I resisted and it was not even that hard.
During my parents stay my will power have been put to hard work has we went not once but twice for a meal out but once again I resisted and I choose dishes that were healthy enough or keeping with my Syns allowance. I am proud of myself even so, trust me, it was hard to see your family stuffing themselves with cheesy pizzas, cakes, pasta etc while eating a taste less salad with no dressing.

How have been feeling?
As mentioned above its not been easy purely because the past few days my routine have been put to the test and its been difficult to prepare different meals for me when your parents are on their holiday here. They wanted to gorge on all the good British food such as cheddar, fish and chips and so on but I can't blame them. They are leaving in few days time (not like I am happy they do, as I love them dearly of course, but happy to go back to my diet routine). 
I also feel the scale on my upcoming Weight In is not going to lie to me and I feel that my loss might not be as I hope to but we shall see. 

I have not try any new SW recipes lately, due to my family visiting, but I'll be back to it as soon as I can. 

My next Weight In is on the 03.02.20 so I'll let you know the result on my next diet journey post.


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