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Wednesday 9 February 2022 Banbury, UK

There are a few things that bring me joy in my kitchen, chocolate, my kitchen house plants, my coffee machine, my collection of kitchen towels, and most of all my mug collection. I think I shall seriously do a blog post about it but I guess this is another subject for another post.
 Today I am bringing you two of my favorite things under one design; A mug and a tea towel all designed by the Welsh designer; Lizzie Spikes for Driftwood Designs.

To start with shall we mention how I received my goodie? Yes because it's probably the prettiest parcel I have ever received and trust me when I say so. Love the design love the craft paper used and overall the outside like the inside was as exciting.

Now for the mug. I love a good mug especially when they are thinly made are not too large yet enough to hold my favorite latte. Beautifully made, the design on the mug does not show any sign of wear and tear, and trust me when I said I used it a hundred times (between my husband and me) and it probably went in my dishwasher as many times. So we can certainly say it's durable and that is what we like to hear. Also how cute is the little fish printed inside the mug. I do love cute little detail like this. Two thumbs up for me. 

Now the tea towel. I do love a tea towel, I love them being cute, strong, and easily washable. The tea towel is 100% cotton so will last me a long time, wash and dry very quickly. I noticed that the few times I went in my washing machine the design has not run or transferred on other items and it's without saying to be washed with similar color and textile composition. 

These two have been my kitchen partner for some time now and love them to bits for their unique design, quality, durability, let's say who doesn't like a sea theme mug and towel especially when design by Driftwood Designs ?


              *Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own*  

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