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Monday 7 February 2022 Banbury, UK

I have not done one of those for like months( it was supposed to be a Monday thing but hey a world pandemic happened and it just did not happen...oops ! ) never mind here is my latest Monday round up. 


I know Vinted has been there for a little while now but I only just started using it as a buyer and I 
am totally hooked. I love more and more buying second-hand clothes and shoes (it help carbon footprint and reduce consumption etc) and I love clothes that also have a history. Anyway, I am hooked, buying all sorted needs for myself but my daughter too. 

National Trust 

lately, my husband and I took on family membership for the National Trust we had it a few years back before the start of the pandemic, now that things are a bit easier we decided to take it back for a year. National Trust is everywhere in the country and we have a lot all around the Cotswold where we live. Essy for us to get into and to spend a few hours visiting beautiful gardens etc. It's always good for your head, for the fresh air and to discover historical facts and be part of keeping those beautiful places running for future generations to enjoy. Talking future and younger generation my 5 years old daughter loves it too as there is always things for the kids to do like insect trail etc. 
The last one we visited was Hidcote actually one of our favs, only 35 minutes drive from our house. 

David Attenborough The Green Planet - BBC iPlayer

If you have not yet watched this beautiful series then what are you waiting for? Once again Sir Attenborough takes us a wonderful tour of everything green, and what a mesmerising and inspiring series it is. Absolutely beautiful, as per usual full of facts and also make us more aware how precious 
or little planet or in this case or green planet must be protected at all cost. my favorite episode was the Desert World, literally the coolest thing I lately watch on TV. Find all episodes on the BBC iPlayer. 

The Tinder swindler- Netflix 

Lately, without thinking much about it I came across a 3 episode mini-series (documentary) of The Tinder Swindler, and what a documentary!!! absolutely crazy, and I just binge-watched it one afternoon. It's about a man posing as a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul, he wooed women ( trust me they are respectable hard-working ladies, not 'gold diggers' like you may think which makes it even scarier!) online (Tinder) then conned them out of millions of dollars. Now some of those victims plan for payback. 
An extraordinary story, but so scary how one piece of sh*t man can be so evil in conning women for his own wealth benefit. Women that can be your sister, friend, the lady next door. Unbelievable story. A must-watch! 

What has been in your fav lately? Tell me all below.
 Thanks for reading!


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