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Saturday 21 October 2023 Banbury, UK

I am a believer of many things (Even so strangely I am an Atheist Agnotic) but one thing in particular that always intrigued me for many many, years is the phenomenon of Alien Abduction. Yes, I can see you smile and maybe think I am one of those 'crazies' but here is a quote that has always been with me by Budd Hopkins himself, who originally was not a believer until he experienced, one day, something that he could not explain which changed his mind and lead him to become one of the best-respected authors in UFOlogy.

 His quote is as follows taken from his book; INTRUDERS :

'So my request to you, the reader. Do not prejudge. Realize that if any aspect of the UFO phenomenon as reported is true, then any of the rest of the reported phenomena may be true too. Try not to put anthropomorphic limits on what may be an entirely alien intelligence and technology. The true skeptic cannot, at the beginning, accept the impossibility of anything.'

And with this simple quote, I always believe that there is definitely a phenomenon going on since it was first reported during WW1. You cannot deny that 100 thousands of people around the world experience something so truly terrorizing and all reporting very strangely almost identical abductions (similar oval room, lights, feeling, instruments used, description of The Greys, etc) to be fake so you cannot believe those are all made-up stories, I do not believe in this, I believe those people experience something so traumatizing that their traumas shall be respected and they shall be able to heal from it, not to be judged or describe very quickly as 'crazy'. I respect those people and I believe their traumatic stories. 

All those people come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, countries, etc from nurses to bus drivers, teachers, lawyers, farmers, policemen, housewives, students to doctors. all those people had one thing in common, apart from being abductees, they at first had no interest or belief in Aliens (or UFO/UPA for that matter.) And none of them did it for the fame or for the money. 

To tell the truth, most of them just want to forget their experience(s), and 99.99% of those people which to remain nameless. But they all have frightening experiences that need to be told! and for the majority of them, abduction was not a one-time situation but many 'experiences' and 'missing time ' during their human development from childhood to teen to adulthood. 

But let's go back to my review of MISSING TIME by Budd Hopkins.

Aside from UFOlogy, Budd Hopkins was a well-respected and celebrated expressionist artist whose paintings and cultures are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum Gallery Of Art in Washington, and the British Museum, among others. (see some of his work below)

Budd Hopkins died: August  21, 2011 (age 80)

Missing Time by Budd Hopkins is a fascinating and thought-provoking book that explores the perplexing phenomenon of alien abduction of 7 individuals who all come from different backgrounds sharing their stories through hypnotises which are fully supported by scientific documentation, psychologists, and therapists.
 Hopkins delivers a compelling narrative that is both informative and engaging, drawing on his extensive research and firsthand accounts from individuals who claim to have experienced this enigmatic phenomenon of Missing Time where those 7 individuals retained no memory of them- all traces of the trauma were effectively erased from their memory. Yet under hypnosis, many abductees were able to recall in vivid, convincing detail, the harrowing experiments they all experienced and more intriguing of all ...all share almost identical stories. 

Please note: none of those 7 individuals knows each other or met for that matter.

The book is well-written and well-researched, and the author presents a range of intriguing hypotheses, from the psychological to the extraterrestrial. The author's insights into the subject are impressive, as he delves deeply into the complexities of human perception and the ways in which our perceptions can be manipulated.

For anyone interested in the subject of alien abduction, Missing Time is a must-read. It is a valuable contribution to the growing body of literature on the subject, and it is sure to challenge readers' assumptions and beliefs. Overall, this book is a riveting and thought-provoking exploration of one of the most fascinating and compelling mysteries of our time. It is at this time, in my own opinion, the most relevant book I ever read on the subject.

Thanks for reading

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