Affordable Pre-Festive Beauty Haul.

Tuesday 31 October 2023 Banbury, UK

It's been a while since I have done one of those beauty hauls, my last one was back in February 2022 which was my Charlotte Tilbury & NARS Beauty Haul. so yes rather a long time. Lately, I have been recovering from a gastric sleeve surgery, in other news I have plenty of time on my hands so when this happens I enjoy doing a little shopping during the week when all is pretty 
much quiet. This time around I decided to visit my Big local Boots for a little beauty trip. We all love our Boots and I certainly do too. As the festive season is approaching 
rather very fast ( less than 50 days) I was rather inspired by getting a few 'festive' make-up that was missing in my stash and I also just couldn't resist them. Those 3 Products are as follows.

Filter Finish LiquidBlush Light Wand by Collection:
 This brand has always been in my makeup collection I especially love their foundation but this time around I thought I'd try their blush light wand which not only looks like a fun way to touch up your makeup but we all need a little light on our dewy skin three colors were available and I went for the 1 Sweet Nothings which is a warmer bronzy color then Peach Pleasure and finally Berry Glow I am looking forward to adding this product to my beauty routine and by that I'll try it on the apple of my cheek, check we shall see. At £5.99 I had to try it. 

Lacquer Gloss by 17. :
 Boots launched this affordable new brand in early 2022 and honestly, it was my 1st time purchasing one of their product. This gloss catches my eye for the beautiful burgundy colour and at £4 I could do wrong. This gloss collection comes in ten colors. So rather a wide variety to choose from. 

Disco Diva Glitter nail polish by RIMMEL London:
 This beautiful nail polish screams festive! I am sure you'll all agree with me. The glitter shade is a dusty pink with small sparks of green, blue, and red. The mix is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to add this color to my Christmas or New Year's Eve outfit for that je ne sais quoi. This collection is at £3.99 once again a bargain.

The total price of my affordable beauty haul came up at a total of £13.98 not bad for 3 beautiful products.

Do you have any affordable beauty products you would recommend to me from Boots? Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.



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