10 Prettiest Villages to visit this season in the Cotswold.

Friday 27 October 2023 Banbury, UK

I am super lucky to live in the Cotswold where pretty villages to visit come by the bucket load. So here is my selection ( in no particular order) that is a must-see if you live in the Cotswold, are on holiday, or passing by. 

1. Bibury:

Known for its picturesque Arlington Row cottages and the River Coln, Bibury is a must-visit village in the Cotswolds during autumn.

2. Burford: 

The medieval town of Burford is a charming place to visit during autumn, surrounded by beautiful countryside and stunning fall foliage.

3. Chipping Campden: 

This small market town is home to some of the prettiest Cotswold cottages and historic architecture, perfect for a leisurely autumn stroll.

4. Castle Combe:

 Named the "prettiest village in England," Castle Combe's quaint streets lined with Cotswold stone cottages are a stunning sight during autumn.

5. Lower Slaughter: 

The idyllic village of Lower Slaughter is surrounded by stunning countryside and the River Eye, offering plenty of opportunities for autumn walks.

6. Stanton: 

The picturesque village of Stanton features quintessential Cotswold cottages and rolling hillsides covered in autumn foliage.

7. Stow-on-the-Wold: 

This historic market town is famous for its antique shops and scenic walking trails, making it a great destination for an autumn day trip.

Please see here my blog post about my Stow On The Wold day out.

8. Upper Slaughter: 

Similar to Lower Slaughter, Upper Slaughter's traditional Cotswold cottages and beautiful surroundings make it a popular spot for autumn visits. 

9. Broadway: 

Known as the "Jewel of the Cotswolds," Broadway's charming High Street is lined with independent shops, pubs, and restaurants, providing a perfect place to enjoy autumn beauty.

10. Painswick: 

The quintessential Cotswold village of Painswick is famous for its 99-yew trees in the churchyard, which turn a beautiful shade of yellow during the autumn months.

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