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Monday 2 May 2016 London, UK

I've never done a 'monthly favourites' before even though they are everywhere when you hit more or less the last week of every month, and I have to admit I do enjoy reading/watching a lot of them and until now it never really occurred me to do one, until now, so... My 'monthly favourites' post is going to be a bit of everything, not just beauty but also fashion, home ware, places I've visited, restaurants, movies, art galleries...you name it anything that rocked my boat on that particular month. I am not sure if I'll stick with doing one every month but I'll give a good shot! I apologised in advance if I am not regular! What can I say? I am the worst blogger around to be organised and posting on time (any tips on this I am all ears) I always do admire those that are always on schedule but I am getting there ..really am I am just on the slow side. So let's begin shall we!

Craving by MAC- This gorgeous lippy has been my favourite since I purchased it back early this year. This nude with a touch of plum is just so pretty, hydrating and just the perfect shade for my skin tone. Also, it is a lovely transition from the winter darker shades, that I am more accustomed to, to more natural tons.
Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse Mug by Disney- Where shall I start? it's by Disney. Its a mug (you should see my never ending growing mug collection) and it's a Tsum Tsum design. And to add to the love it was a gift from my mum on her last visit from France so I can only love this mug which has been my lattee, coffee addict partner for a little while now.
iPhone 6s- Well I am utterly a iPhone lover, I feel like once you have an iPhone you can hardly go back to another brand. So when I had an upgrade with my provider I had one thing in mind and it was to get that one. It is becoming a good companion for my long commute to and from work every day, perfect to catch up on my YouTube favs such as Lily Pebbles, Samantha Maria etc. and also for the large amount of space (as I do like taking a lot of pictures almost everyday) and you know everything else that come with it.
The Spooks Battle by Joseph Delaney- This is the No4 in The Spooks series, I think there are 14 in total and so far so good: Easy read, scary at times, gripping, mysterious with mean witches and beasts this story has everything that I love. And just in case you are wondering yes! The movie was made and it was called: 'The Seventh Sons' about 3 years ago... The movie is rubbish, stick to the books! If you re a bit of a nerd like me and like fantasy story then go for it. 
Dry Shampoo by Batiste- I never really thought dry shampoo would actually work. I thought it was one other thing made by brand to try to sell us more stuff. Well I was so wrong! Lately have been washing my hair only every two days (before it was every single day) not through laziness but to give my scalp and my hair a bit of break from the harsh London water. However I have a tendency to have greasy hair which shows after a day since washing but trying this dry Shampoo has been the miracle for the greasy hair dilemma, You don't need a lot, a little spray at the root of my hair (especially on the top of my head) and I am ready to go! Brilliant!
Ultimate Blends Body Restoring Lotion by Garnier- This is rather a mouth full but what a great lotion it was. This body lotion has been my partner in crime against dry skin and together we won the battle. This lotion was easy to apply, non greasy or sticky. I loved the pump for easy application and the honey scent too. I would probably re-purchase this lotion also 400ml under £5 what more to ask?
Star Wars The Force Awakens in Blue Ray- Right if you haven't ready my review about Star Wars (find it here) you might not know that I am a huge Star Wars fan since I was as tall as 3 apples. Getting the last one in Blue Ray was necessary because seeing the Millennium Falcon in all detail during a chase on Jakku is so much better. I probably watch this movie about a dozen of times (including at the cinema) yes...I know... I am mad but really I don't care.
Bibio /A Mineral Love- My boyfriend and I discovered Bibio at the end of last year and it was love at the first sound but mostly with the latest album: A Mineral Love that came out few weeks ago and that we've been playing pretty much every single day! It is hard to describe it but The Guardian did a great review on this amazing British musician that you can find here. Honestly if you are fed up listening to what everybody is listening to or what 'popular radios' brain wash us with the same repetitive singers & groups then download Bibio and take the escape route with us.
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