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Wednesday 25 May 2016 London, UK

I thought it would be quite interesting to find out what my boyfriend knows about make up. I gave him a list of the most used make up, skincare and make up techniques and I asked him to tell me what he thinks it is for. So basically I created a tag that you could also use on your boyfriend or your brother/dad/husband! If you do this tag please let me know as I would love to read your experience and I am sure that it could be rather funny too. To revert back to my boyfriend I was very surprised by his answers, he actually knows as much as I do, here is his test and all the answers are his genuine replies, I have not in any way, helped him or given him any clues. Also to understand why he knows so well please see at the end of this blog post for the answer:
Bronzer: I am not 100% sure but I think bronzer is the opposite of the highlighting. It darkens areas of the face use in contouring.
Blusher: It is used to give a pop of colour to areas of your face usually to your cheeks.
Mascara: To create fuller bolder eyelashes.
Eye liner: Help define the edge of the eye.
Strobing: OMG! I don't know that one? I know strobing is lots of different lines or flashes of light but I don't know why you want that on your face? I don't know I am going to pass that one.
Eye shadow: To provide colour to the eyelid.
Powder: To take the shine off . To matify the face.
Foundation: It create an even skin tone and covers blemishes
Concealer: Conceal blemishes.
Highlighter: Used in contouring it gives highlights to areas of your face like the bridge of the nose, cheek and one little trick it's to put in the corner of the eye to give a little pop of brightness.
Setting Spray: If we talking face I think it would to hold the make up in place a fixer or too stop smudging.
Contouring: To add greater definition to the face by highlighting in certain areas or creating shadows.
Primer: This is something to apply at the start of your make up application and it creates a solid base to apply your foundation.
Lip liner: This enables the wearer to shape their lips before applying lipstick. It gives a more accurate shape.
Brow pencil: This is help to shape the eyebrow and fill in any gaps haha! And give extra colour!
Serum: helps to cleanse the skin while providing nutrients?
Cleanser: This cleans the pores.
Micellar Water: Er...this basically a rip off its just some water in a bottle. It says it does amazing things but it doesn't. It cleans your skin.
Toner: I don't know...tightens the skin?

What this test hard? No
Why?  Because half of it is common sense and the other half I know because its my job to edit beauty videos.

Why does he know so well: well my boyfriend is a video editor and his spend his days editing fashion or beauty videos so basically maybe not the best person to do that test but I think I am going to do that test again to my best male friend: Ben which is coming to visit us in few weeks time (which by the way he should have no clue whatsoever in make up)  So lets see what his answers are in few weeks time.

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