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Saturday 21 May 2016 London, UK

It's been a while since I talked about brushes on my blog, the last one was rather a while back... over a year ago actually (time flies by like crazy, doesn't it?) & you can read that old post of mine here. So you'll agree that it was time for a brushes post update of brushes that I have been loving lately. 
They are from two brands: the all-famous that every beauty blogger must own: Real Techniques brushes and perhaps less known but still as brilliant the L.A.B.2 brushes. The LAB2 brushes were kindly gifted to me during The Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week Party and since then they haven't left my every day make up bag. I got gifted the On A Powder Trip Brush & the Don't Get Mad, Get Even Foundation Brush! First of all shall I mention how funny the names are? I can't help myself to giggle when beauty products of any kind have funny or bizarre names, its part of the fun I guess.
The On A Powder Trip Brush- This one is my little favourite, like that one child you prefer over others, right now I have been re-loving putting press powder after my foundation. Yes I know I am that kind of girl that uses some make-up periodically. One minute I am all about press powder the next day they are at the back of my dressing table collecting inches of dust... but oh boy what a little treat this powder brush is, first of all the fibres are very soft to the touch and they are also thick and packed which makes the press powder grip more easily onto the actual brush, if that make sense, and gets heavenly spread all around my face.
Don't Get Mad, Get Even Foundation Brush -This little number has been my ally for applying my concealer rather than my foundation, as the name would suggest. My ally because of the dense amount of fibre, also utterly soft and mostly the pointy tip just helps get my concealer in all the right places under my eyes. Yet again two thumbs up from me. 
Side note on LAB2 design:  I am loving the whole black chic design. I do have to admit they look a bit like the Real Techniques one but the silky touch grip is longer that the Real Techniques one, a little detail I know...but I do think they gain one extra point from me for easier grip, and I also would like to mention that the hairs do not fall off at all, they are strongly attached and even after the good wash I gave them before their official shoot. Well they had to look presentable right?
Now let's turn to the old trusty Real Techniques brushes.
Multi Task Brush by Sam & Nic Chapman - Despite the name I mostly use that pink brush to add blush on the apple of my cheek and because this brush is obviously round but not too big I found this as being the perfect use for it. With spring I have been re-loving using pink or peachy blush hence the big love for this brush right now. 
Domed Shadow Brush by Sam & Nic Chapman- This cute purple brush has been the handy cute help to add a little pop of natural colour shadow on my eye lids. Even though I totally adore eye shadows unfortunately for the past few months they have made my eyes water a lot (regardless of the brand) so now I only use a tiny bit of natural shade colour avoiding shimmer ones and this brush has just been great for that- for the smooth all around eye lid type of look .
You probably know this already but Real Techniques brushes are always really soft and the hair doesn't fall out even after a good soap soak (wow it rhymes)! I am loving the metal like colour on the handle as it is also easy to recognize especially, if you have just like me, about 30 different brushes scattered all over your make up table.
So what have been your favourite brushes lately?

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