Photography Props #1

Sunday 15 May 2016 London, UK

I think I am rather obsessed with my photography props I have already accumulated rather a lot
and I am always on the look out for new little things that can be part of my home ware too but also used as props. I am going to start this little series (I think I'll do few other posts in the coming months as I have so many of them that one post isn't enough) with 6 items. If you've been following me for a while, you have probably seen them cheekily appearing in a lot on many of my posts.
Let s starts with, what I would describe as: my 'earthy props' for their, as you've probably guessed, more natural look & they are :
Succulent pot- Even though this little plant pot looks real it is actually a fake and I picked it up about 2 months ago for about £8 at Habitat, yes a bit pricey but it looks so real and I've already been using it on so many of my posts that I think it was worth it. I don't usually like fake plants as I much prefer the real deal but all my cacti and succulents are now so big (and I am not complaining about it) that I can't really use them, especially if I am photographing small things. Also I would be worried to damage them. So I though that 'real looking' fake pot was the perfect replacement! 
Italian silver stone- I know sounds very random but this stone actually belongs to my boyfriend and he picked it up when he went to visit the Mount Vesuvius in Italy. This stone I guess has a little background story and also I do love the shape and the colour it is almost silvery and a perfect little addiction to any post especially the make up one. Sometimes you don't need to buy anything- just by looking around your house or what you picked up on your last beach holiday would do just fine.
Wooden 3D jigsaw- This was a random jigsaw game that I picked few years ago for my boyfriend and once that game finished it obviously looks as per the picture. I love the colour the shape and the 3D effect.
I noticed that actually a seventh props kind of appear on my above photography almost without me realising it but its my:
Wood peanut shape tray- This was a gift from my mum, I believe she picked it up in a car boot sale in South of France few Summers ago, it is actually from an hazelnut tree, so pretty special. I have used that tray on few occasions. I found it very good to photography jewellery on it, or anything that can be lay flat and by then adding some texture next to it like a scarf will do just the trick.
Now let's turn for the 'porcelain' effect props. Or in one two words: My tray collections and you know very well how much, us bloggers, love our porcelain like trays. If they are in marble, rose gold, silver...we are in. 
Pineapple tray- This tray I picked it up probably around middle of last year at Paperchase. As soon as I saw it I had to have it, well its a tray in a shape of pineapple what more to ask? I like the fact that it came in white as I don't think it would have looked as good on some of my posts if it was in another colour or paint in the colour of a pineapple.
Marble tray -This is by the trusty H&M home ware and at some point any beauty bloggers out there have it. I mean who can blame us , its a freaking marble tray effect!! Love it! I don't think marble tray will ever go out of fashion and they are so good to photography skincare and make up items. 
White tray- Once again this tray is by H&M home ware range. I was really lucky as I actually got it on sale, a few months ago, for as little as £3 instead of £6 and oh boy do I like a good bargain! This white tray have been my favourite to use lately especially for any lipstick reviews. I think the white background seems to emphasise the product, or my lipsticks for instance I want to photograph. 
I hope you like this props post, I do think we don't talk enough about them so had to do a little series about them. What are your favourite props from your collection? Tell me all by commenting below. 

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