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Wednesday 18 May 2016 London, UK

It is time for me to do a round up of all those gorgeous MAC lipsticks I have got since the beginning of the year, when I discovered how great they were (I know where I have been before that?), I already accumulated a lovely little collection that goes from a fairly dark shade to more nude like colours. I honestly can say that I am officially hooked by MAC.

Let's start with the nudiest of them all and that would be Brave! I was actually literally brave to select that one as I am a girl that loves dark shades, the deeper the colour, the better so choosing a shade that is very close to my natural lip colour was indeed a brave choice by myself. To describe Brave I would say like a light rose wood shade it is from the satin MAC collection so you know the deal: pigmented creamy and satin like feel -it can only be two thumbs up from me.
Next on line is Craving a deeper Rose wood shade with a hint of pink from the Amplified MAC collection. This gorgeous one has been my favourite for months now and it is actually one of the first 'nude like' lipstick that I ever got and I really can't get enough of if. I feel that Craving should be part of any MAC lipstick collection, not having it would be a big mistake. 
Now its the turn of Amorous. From the satin MAC collection this lipstick is a bit of a mix between: Craving with a deeper red & lilac undertone. Definitely a deeper shade than the previous two, definitely more what I am used to. This creamy, and also from the Satin  MAC collection, beauty is well loved in my collection.
Now let's take a walk on the dark side and let me introduce you to Diva. It is from the matt collection- a deep red wine shade with a brown undertone, loving it! This is more a colour that i am used too, I have to say I haven't worn it much lately, only because of the warmer weather. I feel this one will be a better companion when the leaves start falling from the trees. Having said that it does wear it's name well: a real Diva colour, I can't wait for autumn to come back to get this beauty out again.
Finally it is now the turn of another favourite of mine and it's the iconic matt Ruby Woo. My first MAC buy and still my first love. This beautiful red is simply a girl's best friend, that deep shade, matt effect is just the perfect lipstick. It makes you feel fabulous even if you just wear your pyjamas and that is why I love it so much.

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