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Wednesday 14 October 2020 Banbury, UK

Since moving to the Cotswold from London in 2017, something that my partner and I absolutely love to do every few weeks its to spend time visiting one of the most beautiful village in Cotswold. During spring or summer we'll usually bring a picnic and we'll, in most case, also try one of the local tea room for a cupa and cake too. 
Last weekend was no exception. We decided to go to Stowe on the Wold which is about 25 minutes drive from Banbury. 
We went to Stow on the Wold before and its probably one of the prettiest village in the Cotswold . 
With us we also brought along our toddler of course, and my Bestie: Betsy Boo which was visiting us from the big smoke.

Stowe on The Wold is the tea room paradise for cakes lover but also for antique and art dealers, town history but of course going visiting it to just admire the beautify architecture of the classic Cotswold houses and prettiness of it all is definitely worth the visit.

During our little visit we wanted to see the absolutely beautiful St Edward's Parish church's entrance. There is something rather magical about those two ancient yew trees that grew to envelop the church main entrance. It almost look like you will encounter at any time elf or hobbits from Lord of the rings. (Lord of the rings being my favorite books, that what first came into my mind of course). This site is a must see.

Another interesting site to see at Stow on the Wold is the village's stock used as a medieval punishment's remain there and is in a pretty good condition. Its crazy to think that people were attached to this punishment device dated from the 12th century and I wonder what most of them did to deserve such degrading punishment? A spooky site to see pretty perfect at this time of year may I say.

Also did you know that one of the oldest inn in England is actually located at Stow on the wold
The Porch House date from 947AD. I mean England was not even knows as England back then but a myriad of different family division and else sharing the land.

This building is over 1050 years old! Of course it went through different modification over the many years and centuries but the root of The Porch Inn is very much ancient. My question is: I wonder if it is hunted? I probably won't stay there in the deep of the night but I would happily try some of their lager selection at day light. 

During our visit we decided to not go to The Porch in for 2 reasons: firstly its because we visited before (way before we all lived through a world pandemic) and secondly you have to book in advance to obviously control the amount of people inside the premise. If you decided to visit Stow on the Wold and pay a visit to The Porch House do not forget to book a table otherwise you'd be denied access.

As I mentioned earlier one of the exciting part of Stow on the Wold it s the large selection of tea rooms to choose from. We decided to try Lucy's Tea Room mostly because it look super cute from the outside and the excellent reviews.
Lucy's tea room did not disappointed. It was indeed super cute inside with a wide variety of cakes, pastries or light lunch to choose from and of course a rather large selection of all kind of teas and coffee. I am more than aware that we are still living through a pandemic and the staff and the premise where well prepared for this odd time we are living with social distancing, antic bacterial hand gel along with the NHS test and trace which we checked in accordingly.
As I am diabetic and also following a Slimming World diet (see my latest Diet journey blog post here) I could not enjoy a cake but don't you worry my husband, my daughter and Betsy did.
My daughter choose a flapjack which was literally the size of a small brick, Chris and Betsy both went for the coffee & walnut cake along with coffee.
Below is Betsy quote regarding her Walnut and Coffee cake:

'Light and delicious. I could have eaten another slice' 

My tea (earl grey) was actually a loose leaf tea (the best kind) I have nothing else to say about this tea than: Excellent.
Overall a lovely tea room that I highly recommend. 

Our little trip to Stow on the Wold was lovely despite the weather and if you live in the Cotswold or planning to visit the Cotswold then this little town is a lovely place to start with.

Have you visited Stow on the Wold? Or Cotswold? Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Oh wow it looks like such a beautiful place

    Candice x


  2. Beautiful photos! It looks cozy there!


  3. Gorgeous post, Marie! It was interesting to read about the background to the places you visited. The two ancient yew trees by the church entrance are an amazing sight. The café sounds super cosy, earl grey tea is one of my favourites too! Cotswold seems like a beautiful place. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. aww...thanks Helen. Yes its a beautiful place I hope you get to visit it one day. Thanks for your comment. x


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