5 Days in Snowdonia -North Wales

Sunday 13 September 2020 North Wales, UK

This was my first travel to Snowdonia in North Wales. And I would like to take you along or mostly show you the unbelievable breath taking views we came across during our little trip.

Side note:
Aware of the Covid 19 we made sure we stayed in a remote area, renting a cottage (rather than an hotel room / Holiday camp) and avoid all very busy tourist destinations as much as possible also we took on the decision to not visit any pubs, tourist shops, museums or restaurants as we feel Great Britain is still fighting against the virus and we also feel that catering places are still (in our opinions) to be avoid until further notice. Sorry for this odd introduction but I wanted to make sure you understand that we took all precaution to avoid contact with anyone. As we caught the virus ourselves, 5+ months ago, and we know how awful it felt (and lucky that we came out at the end alive) we do not wish to put people with weaker immunes system or people with underlining illness on unnecessary danger.

Back to Snowdenia!

As mentioned above we stayed in a remote and very quiet village called Penmachno and we rented the coziest cottage ever (here the cottage website link if you are interested). A 2 bedrooms place with a lovely cottage kitchen, log burner, tons of book to read, board games and everything cottagy in between. It was just perfect. A lovely place to come back and chill every late afternoon after our day of discovery.

Conwy Falls 

Conwy Falls was one of the very first area we visited. It was ideally situated a mile or so away from our rented cottage in Penmachno so of course we had to give it a visit. I highly recommend you take the longer walk (about 15 minutes long) that lead you to the falls through a beautiful downhill landscape wood. Look out for the light dancing between leaves, the sounds of the fall as you approached it and the vibrant beautiful moss growing on abandoned walls.

Newborough Anglesey Beach 

My favorite beach that we visited  was Newborough Anglesey. let me introduced you to this stunning beach.1st of all the view, I mean look at those mountains, the blue sea of course but also this beautiful beach has its own National Nature Reserve which is absolutely stunning , peaceful and give you views that would take your breath away. I highly recommend this stunning beach and the Nature Reserve on a sunny day. My plan. Go there early. Go for the Nature Reserve walk then stopped somewhere shady for a picnic and finish the rest of your day on the beach and if you re lucky for a nice hot weather then do go for a dip.

Beddgelert Snowdonia

One of my favorite village that we came across during our Snowdonia road trip is the small but absolutely picturesque Beddgelert. A peaceful village with his typical Snowdenia architecture and its ancient bridges crossing the River Colwyn. The village offer long walk by the river but also pubs , shops and place to eat. Overall whatever you are looking for, a stroll or an eatery experience Beddgelert is just the perfect place for a nice and relaxing day. 

Llyn Ogwen lake

An other area that we went not once but twice to visits was the Llyn-Ogwen. You can easily tell by the picture below why we went twice. The lake and the surrounding is just absolutely beautiful. Also if you feel like doing a little hike there is a trail that you can follow (it is an a fairly easy one to do no need to be super experienced to put on your hike boots) , just make sure you have the correct gear for it. Unfortunately we did not the trail, because we had a young toddler with us that is very lazy, but if you have the possibility to do so then go for it you won't regret it. Or if you feel like just sitting somewhere and take on the view then you surely won't be disappointed. Whatever you choose this lake with surrounding mounts are a must see if you travel North Wales.

Llyn Dinas Lake 
Last but now least one lake that we also went 3 times (because the surrounding was once again absolutely stunning) was Llyn Dinas lake about 30 minutes drive from our cottage. The area is pretty quiet and we got to swam in a refreshing and clean lake. It was literally and a bowl of fresh air, an area where we could reset, think and appreciate the beauty of life. Not only you can do lake activities in this beautiful and peaceful surrounding such as swimming, canoeing etc. but there is also a National Reserve circular path that you can follow. For more details please follow this link. Trust me you won't regret it for the stunning lake and mountain views. 
We spent a lot os time at this lake for long walks around it or simply for swimming it. There are many small areas that gave you a natural but easy way to get to the water.

Norths Wales was absolutely stunning and probably my favorite place to go when husband and I go for staycation. We even though about moving to Wales. Its how much we love it. Perhaps this would be another chapter in our life but in the meantime if you never been to Wales I highly recommend to you. 

 Thanks for reading.



  1. These photos are beautiful!! I miss traveling so much..



    1. aww...thanks Shauna your comment means a lot to me. Me too I miss travelling as in ....more but that s how is life right now . take care xx


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