Trash TV to watch on Netflix this Autumn

Sunday 20 September 2020

Lets all be honest, we all do like watching trash TV from time to time. 
I have to admit I sometimes just crave watching this kind of programs. I don't watch them every week neither every months but sometimes you are in a mood for them and that is totally fine. They are there to entertain a short laps of time but they do entertain a lot even so as soon as you finish watching pretty much forgot they even existed.
Lately have been finding myself watching 2 trash tv programs on Netflix that are so wrong so bitchy and so awful...but yet so hilarious or just plain fun that I had to share them. Sometimes life its to not take things to seriously so if you're in a mood for proper trash tv then read the following.

Selling Sunset on Netflix -Seasons 1-2-3
I mean this one is properly at the top up there of the trashest . Its bitchy its insanely far from reality of what life is about but...oh boy! its entertaining. It revolves around the high-end residential properties in L.A. Marketed by the real estate group: Oppenheim, run by twin Jason & Brett. Clearly this two love being surrounded with hotties and their alongside Brookers are all stunning women. 
Meet: Chrishell, Christine, Amanza (season 3), Maya, Mary, Davina & Heather. All absolutely beautiful women on top of high heels as higher as The Shard in London, wearing exclusively only high end luxury wear. I mean you get the picture pretty quickly. But those lot are so much fun to watch, they will take any opportunities to back stabbing each other, while calling themselves 'a family' and trying to sale multi millions properties while all looking extremely glamourous with perfect smile, perfect hair and perfect outfits. Of course lots of Dramas and a wedding even more crazy and luxurious than the wedding of  the gay couple in Sex and the City II.  I mean its a car crash at every episode but it is good. So good that I watched the 3 seasons back to back in a matter of a week. 

Season 4 is coming. No date (as far as I know) have been confirmed but I am already beyond excited to see more dramas in the near future. 

My favorite cast is Chrishell and Maya probably the more down to earth women of the lot. But do not take me wrong the whole lady cast are far from being stupid or gold diggers women. They are all smart and very hard working ladies, they know what they want in life and they are out there getting it.
Go watch it!!!! 

Below Deck on Netflix. Season 1-2
I mean after reconsideration I actually think this series is actually more trashy that Selling Sunset ( I mean how is this even possible?) but yes I think it is! How can I introduce Below Deck? 
In short: You are following a crew of a multi millions charter boat in the Caribbean.
The cast (I won't go into detail) pretty much changed each every seasons hence why I think I wont really introduce each of them. The crew (apart the captain) are all in their early 20 -30 single ladies and gents. Of course they are all loving dramas &  they are all coming from different backgrounds . You've got the up tight, the gold-digger, the party girl, the gay, the eye candy guy with not much of a brain, the player with the ladies ...I mean they are all there . Its very characterized but who cares?? !They are all loving a bit of romance (I mean they all share bunk bed in very small private crew cabins so lots of sexual tension going on)  all extremely hard working but all loving the party life too so expect nudity, sex, dramas, back stabbing, lots of Champagne while smiling and serving rich guests. Its pure car crash expect the worst but expect lots of laugh and dramas too! I love it. 
Netflix is so far only showing 2 seasons but much more have been filmed the past few years and have been already released in America. To this day I am not too sure if Netflix will release more seasons. But in the meantime go enjoy this pure car crash series.

What have you've been watching lately on Netflix ? Any other trash TV I shall know about ? Tell me all. 

Thanks for reading!



  1. I just started watching below deck and I am hooked!

    Candice x

  2. Below Deck seems like an interesting show considering I live in the Caribbean. Will definitely watch it! Thanks for recommending.

    Ann |

  3. I can't wait for Selling Sunset... I love this serie!
    Kisses, Paola.


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