A day in Salcombe - My fist vlog style video.

Saturday 12 September 2020 Salcombe, UK

Hi all,
Today I am sharing something totally different than my usual standard post  its my first vlog style video. I am training to become a freelance video editor like my husband which have his own freelance editor business. Its a slow process but few weeks ago I did not even know how to make a simple edit so I am pretty proud of that below video. Since then I learned many other things and I hope to carry on making videos (vlog , travel etc.) in the near future along with more professional videos for my husband and I customers base.  This video was shot 3 years ago during a little trip to Salcombe in Devon . Since then I loss lots of weight and my daughter is no longer a baby but a 3 and 1/2 years old toddler but regardless when it was filmed I am still proud of it . If you want to follow me on You Tube that would be awesome too and that would motivated me even more . I will post more in the near future just bear with me. 

Few years ago I did a travel blog post about my trip to Salcombe so find it here.  We often travel to Salcombe being the family favorite spot to meet on holiday. 

Thanks for reading.


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