Wrapped up weekend

Wednesday 2 September 2020 Broughton Castle, Banbury OX15 5EB, UK

Hello you lot! Hope you're well? The air look so much fresher lately don't you think so? The Autumn is under way and you know what? I am so looking forward to it.
I am not a fan of Summer . I much prefer the rest of the year and especially Autumn being my favorite season.
This weekend it felt like my husband and I all we've been doing its wrap up warm in oversize knitted jumper or baggy cardigan. The air is definitely fresher but not yet cold enough to get your Winter coat out but cool enough to just wear a jumper. I do love a lot that transition between two seasons.

This weekend have been filled with countryside walks, photoshoot (see my Field fashion photoshoot here its been a while since have done one so go support it please!) nice and warm comfort food such as an home made Vegetarian Tagine and the ultimate English roast with all the trimmings of course.
Its been a good weekend one that let you feel ready for the working week ahead. Talking about work, look out for my upcoming first silent vlog. I do understand that a silent vlog can be seen has perhaps odd but they are often my favorite kind of vlog to watch on YouTube. Its all about the music and imagery. I am hoping to have it live on my blog and my YouTube Channel sometimes this week or next. 

This H&M knitted Jumper was purchased end of last year. I love it because its a beautifully made knitted oversize jumper and also to know that it was made of recycled materials make me love it even more. It is definitely the perfect Autumn kind of jumper. Oh and it is so warm too.  A delight!
I paired it with the official 'countryside vibe chill weekend look': my old pair of Converse trainer and a legging. Its simple but it work every time.

Thanks for reading guys!

Location: Broughton Castle - Oxfordshire
Jumper: H&M (Conscience range)
Trainers: Converse (old)
Leggings:  Primark (old)



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