7 reasons to love Autumn

Thursday 17 September 2020

Have you already noticed the crispier air, the very slight but already noticeable change of color in the nature ? If you reply yes to all of this then you know we are on our way to one of my favorite season ; Autumn and also because its September and according to my calendar Autumn will officially start on the 22snd of September! haha! 
But honestly in all seriousness there is something about Autumn that make the whole year worth waiting for. I wait all year round for that one particular season. I just love everything about it and I want to share with you why there is a lot to love about Autumn.

The sensory and visual change.
I mean who does not like walking in the countryside mid-October  on a Sunday afternoon after a yummy roast dinner and seeing all trees in a variant of gold and amber shades? Honestly what is more beautiful than to see the gentle Autumn light reflecting through gold leaves, ear the crunch of leaves under your feet and observe those silver shiny spider webs tangling from bushes or branches like silver jewelry. It is just perfect to me and the smell...yes Autumn have a smell a earthy smells, almost sweet and spicy (a bit like a spicy pumpkin latte) . Yes it really does.

There is something that I love during Autumn its also: outdoor photography for obvious reasons mentioned above. All the golden colors are just incredibly and very satisfying to photograph. And as per my usual be prepared to see an Autumn theme photography post in weeks to come from yours truly.

Jumper Weather
I love Autumn because of course you can wear cozy jumper and you often can go out for a stroll and feeling fine on just wearing a knitted jumper with perhaps a wooly scarf. There is something so cosy and nice to just do that. That transition to not be too cold for a coat but yet cold enough for a knit. I love it! Or what about just curl up on the sofa, after a hard day work, and wear your largest , softest knitted jumper and wrap yourself in it while sipping on a hot chocolate ( marshmallow and whipped cream optional). And just for that Autumn is a win win all the way.

Oh the Glorious food yes! Glorious food. Autumn mean for me: pumpkin soup, earthy stews, warm apple pie and everything in between. Autumn provide you back with all the comfort food that you pretty much kiss goodbye during summer which is totally understanding. Who want to eat a stew on a 30 degrees summer day, hey? No one. But yes Autumn its when most of my cook books are out and husband and I are spending hours choosing dishes that we want to experiment through out Autumn I am talking: tagine, stews and soup lots of yummy soups.  Oh! and did I forgot to mention all the special flavor latte that all coffee shops are coming out with! Yaasss!!! Hello spiced pumpkin, hazelnut latte, white hot chocolate and so on. I am ready for them.

Good TV
Great TV program are coming back this Autumn such as The Mandalorian (if you are a star wars fan , like me, then you know), Also His Dark Materials is back on BBC in a small screen near you.  Lets not forget many other series or popular tv show such as the Bake Off that is literally coming back (with a fairly new cast) on the start of Autumn! I can't wait!
So what are you looking forward to watch on TV ? Tell me all. 

Calming Down
I am not a huge fan of Summer. I do not like the weather ( I don't do heat very well) and there is something that almost stress me during summers like  ' we have to go on holiday', or 'we have to cram as much BBQ as possible in 2 months', tourists everywhere, etc. Summer stress me. I am not 100% sure why? Each  and every single year when my calendar show me the 1st of September I literally have a smile on my face because I know that I will see the back of summer real soon. This though reassure me  once again I'll feel more calm and more at peace with myself and my surrounding. For me its a season of calmness, people are back to their routine, school, work etc...and things are just back to calmer and quieter time. And that's what I enjoy.

I  am of those person that in the recent years really embrace Halloween especially since the birth of my daughter . I feel its a time perfect for kids to just be kids and celebrate it. But because of Covid 19 my 3 (soon to be 4) years old toddler won't be able to do trick or treats but that won't stop us from celebrating as a family with few chocolate treats, pumpkin pie and an earthy meal. Oh! and I do love decorating my house with few Halloween d├ęcor, nothing tacky but the odd carved pumpkin around my fire place along with few candles along with golden leaves picked up during our walks would add something rather fun and seasonal into our home.

What are the things you are the most looking forward during Autumn?
Tell me all.

Thanks for reading guys. 



  1. Autumn is my absolute favorite season because of the pumpkins, the colors, the clothes, everything! I'm always so happy in the fall :)
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

    1. yep that s me too. Thanks for your comment Jenna. x

  2. Autumn is my favourite season, like you, I love the visual changes of Autumn and also the jumpers! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. yes its so cool. Autumn all the way. Thanks for your comment. x


  3. Hello pretty, I still enjoy the last days of heat, but autumn is another season that I love, especially eating pumpkin pie.


    1. Oh Yeah tell me about Pumpkin pie . I am so looking forward to make few in October :)
      thanks for your comment.

  4. Autumn is definitely my favorite season! We don't associate it with Halloween in Australia because our Autumn begins in March but the cooler weather is always welcomed after our scorching summers.



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