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Wednesday 9 September 2020 Banbury, UK

Hi Peeps, I hope you had a fab few days.

Today I am back with guess what? Another little fashion blog post. I know 3 already in the space of like 3 weeks! What's going on? 
Well if you are a reader of my blog for some time you will all know that I lost a lot of weight lately (I am still on diet following Slimming World plan) and this weight loss gave me a boost of confidence that I was lacking in my life. 
Also I am fashion addict. You may know that I have actually over 17 years of experience working in the fashion industry. I worked as a merchandiser, a production manager assistant and even as a fashion designer assistant (in the early days of my career).
During my fashion working years, I worked for many Hight Street brands such as Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Miss Selfridge, Top Shop, Evans, H&M, French Connection, George, TU ...and also brand that also disappear like BHS. 
Anyway I guess this is a subject for another blog post. 

Back to my little fashion shoot. 

Husband, toddler and I decided to visit an abandoned quarry near Kidlington in the Cotswold , last weekend, where fossils can be found. It is also next to a lovely canal where of course we decided to follow along for a lovely walk with a picnic stop of course (probably the last pic-nic of the year).Of course it was the prefect opportunity to get few photos done for my beloved blog.

I was wearing an old 80's style jacket from Primark, that I probably purchase like 4 years ago (and looking a big too big for me now I have to say!) , a brand new Queen T-shirt by Primark, an old H&M legging and my old pair of leopard print trainers also from H&M. 
Apart from my t-shirt that is new everything else have been in my wardrobe for few years new. 
I have to say that the legging I am wearing is now  way too big and prior my husband taking these pictures of me I had to pull it right back up it is definitely  sliding down my waist now that I am down by about 2 -3 sizes. it is a great feeling but also a reminder that 70% of the clothe I own right now are too big. A confidence boots but also a worry that not really know for sure what is my size. Also as I am still dieting it is hard right for me to buy new clothes that would only fit me for a short while. 

I am hoping in months to come to show you a better version of my fashion taste with clothes that actually fit me but in the meantime those little fashion and lifestyle posts are a good way to learn and accept myself a bit more each time. Until then . Don't be too arch on me perhaps its not the most breath taking outfit of the year but behind the clothes there is someone that is learning to accept the 'new me' and accept to be friend with a camera and a body image once again.

Location: Kidlington -Cotswold 
Trainers: H&M leopard (old)
Legging : H&M (old)
Jacket: 80's style- Primark (old) 
T-Shirt: Primark (new)

Thanks for reading.



  1. These are some lovely photos. I think this is something every woman faces sometime in her life.


  2. The most important thing is to like yourself HUn xxx

  3. Cool outfit and photos!!

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