Femme Vibe

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Hi Guys, Today post its about a simple OOTD legging t-shirt slogan look. I do love my slogan t-shirt or printed t-shirt but this Femme Vibe from H&M have been one of my favorite for a long time. Simple but I do love a monochrome look. 
I paired it with my trusty old Converse trainers and of course my H&M black leggings. The leopard print bag was a gift and I am not too sure where it comes from? (sorry) Yes I know what you are going to say but as you know have been on a diet journey since early this year ( so far I lost 4 stones and 1/2lb) and legging is a bit my staple until I reached my goal weight as I wont purchase a new wardrobe until then so I can then ditch the leggings and experiment more with jeans, skirt, dress and so on but in the mean time this is me. Once again if you read my post: Working On My Body Confidence you'll know that I am trying to love my body back or at least try to learn to love it once more. 
The journey is slow but taking selfie or ootd is a way for me to accept 'me' that is physically transforming each day a little more. As you can obviously see I still have more weight to lose, until reaching my weight goal, but I am already so proud of what I achieved so far.

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