Autumn Decoration Ideas

Sunday 11 October 2020 Banbury, UK

I am an interior addict on a budget! Yes I guess this is a pretty accurate description of myself. I love decorating my house all year round especially during Easter, Autumn and Christmas of course. 
Autumn is at our door step or by the time you read this post it will be in full swing and it is no exception that this year my living room will see the arrival of pumpkin, candles and anything Autumnal in between.

There is 3 things for me that scream Autumn its; Candles, Autumnal color leaves and of course pumpkins by the bucket loads.
You really can't go wrong with this lot . But I do love to experiment with things such as Acorn, Chestnut etc. There is no limit of what you can incorporate into your Autumnal d├ęcor such as Acorn, Walnut, branches etc it really depend of what I found lying on woodland floor during my many strolls.

This year why not made the simplest but the cutest: a leaf garland for your fire place or book shelf etc. if you do not have a fire place.
Its really simple and there is a high chance that you have the below materials somewhere in your home. If you do not have any of them then head to your local Hobby Craft of even The Works where you could find all you need for little money.

What you need:
  • -Natural cord / Twine
  • -Mini wooden pegs
  • -Natural leaves mix with or without fake leaves.
Its a 5 minutes craft and of course can be hang anywhere in your home.

On other super cute Garland style is Leaves attached individually from a branches or any other material you fancy.

What you'll need:
  • -A branch or any other hanging platforms
  • -fishing wire
  • -natural leaves or fake ones

And Voila !!!!

A wreath is obviously another beautiful addiction to any home, either way on your front door but you could hang it above your fire place or anywhere you fancy in your home. Metal wreath are easy to find at any hobby shops and just let your imagination go wild . You can use any Autumnal ornament such as moss, acorn, leaves, fake mushrooms and so on. No limit to your imagination.

Something that I quiet like do as well and that I usually keep trough out Christmas time, it's to use a lovely ceramic or wooden bowl full of walnut, hazelnut etc. with the addiction or few leaves to make a perfect little touch on your living room coffee table. Also don't forget to leave a nut cracker next to it to munch on those nuts while reading a book or watching tv in the evening. #
During Christmas time I would swap the Autumnal leaves for little Christmas ornaments. 

Candles is something you can obviously enjoy all year round but there is something about candles that made them even more appreciable during Autumn and Winter. I guess it must be the warm light and the cosy feeling they gave back in return. I used scented and non-scented candle depending of my mood. I use all size from pillar candle to tea light. 

Pumpkins and squashes are clearly the Autumnal must have in any home. Their shape varied from teeny tiny to very large. Just play with them , I feel that adding different size , shape and color together work best . Don't be shy just do it ! Place them at the bottom of your fire place or on kitchen or living room shelves the limit is your imagination. 

Are you planning to decorate for Autumn? Tell me all by commenting below.

Thanks for reading!



  1. These are such pretty ideas! I love Autumn

    Candice x

  2. I must admit, I only ever decorate for Christmas! I'll have flowers most of the year round, but that's it. Seeing this is inspiring! x


  3. Such a creative post, thanks for sharing! I like that you are considering a budget, and have included some ways to make you own decorations. Adding things from the outdoors can be lovely too, I agree. The leaf garland idea seems like to would be fairly simple to recreate. Happy autumn! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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