Introducing a Canadian Skincare brand: Pure Anada *

Sunday 18 October 2020 Banbury, UK

Hi All. On today's post I would like to introduce you to a lovely Canadian brand: Pure Anada. I was kindly sent by the PR two products to try and I could not be more excited.

A little story background about Pure Anada:
This beautiful brand is Canadian (I have a serious love affaire with Canada!) and they believe in providing products that are ethical, organic, Canadian made, clean formulation (the are only using ingredients derived from nature) , free form common allergens and a lovely nostalgic branding. I mean who do not love vintage and botanical drawing based from the 1800? and of course they are cruelty free & vegan.
I mean what else do we need really? There is everything that any skincare addict , just like me, want in their everyday skincare routine life. 

Pure Anada also is on the front line for everything make up (I am very tempted to try their make up range which just like their skincare are organic, vegan, cruelty free and they hide no nasties) , aromatherapy, lifestyle Boutique etc. basically all your need for your family or yourself. 

Pure Anada Hand & Body Wash
The look of this bottle is just so lovely. I am loving the amber bottle colour and the lovely forest green colour and vintage drawing but let's forget the design aspect of this product and let me introduce to the loveliest hand wash my bathroom ever encounter. And I mean it! 
The scent: Pomegranate Spruce .It a fusion of juicy pomegranate and fresh spruce. The scent is very fresh and have a sweet but light woodland , with a citrus note scent to it. Overall a delight.
This hand wash is very gentle, moisturising, biodegradable and full of organic oils such as coconut & sunflower which are there to help to seal in moisture. I recommend to follow it but the Pure Anada hand and body lotion of your choice.

Pure Anada Hand & Body Lotion.
This is from my little duo the one that I enjoy the most. Mostly because I am a lover of body lotion and even more when they feel so luxurious and smell like Autumn. I love Autumn being my favorite season, so this Hand & Body lotion in a woodland citrus is just the perfect companion for my morning and evening skin care routine. 
The bottle of wonders is feel with Organic ingredients, luxurious oils such as sunflower , coconut, olive argan, orange and pine and with no silicone and artificial flavors or fragrance.
The product itself is super silky, apply very easily and get absorb by my skin very quickly which is always bonus in my eyes.
Overall a product that I absolutely love to use after my daily morning shower.  A must try!

Pure Anada is available in the UK from Live in The Light - The natural and organic lifestyle store, so go check them out now!

Thanks for reading!


*Items in this post were gifted for my review. All opinions are forever my own* 


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