Lock 29 -Banbury

Thursday 1 October 2020 Banbury, UK

Hi all, Today I am here to introduce you to the latest opening in Banbury. Please welcome LOCK 29. I hear you think:  What is Lock29?

What is Lock 29 Happerley England?
Lock 29 is on indoor venue that bring you anything that the UK food and drink industry has to offer.  Happerley England (the brand behind this idea) is a brand-new centralized food and drink hub that is making sure the produces source for the Banbury Lock29 consumers have transparent producers and locally source produces.

Where is it located?
Lock 29 is located inside the Castle Quay Banbury shopping mall. 
Banbury is going through a lot of change at the minute especially with the arrival (The grand opening is due in late 2021) of Castle Quay II with the opening of a large hotel, a 10 screen Light cinema, a Lidl, many bars and restaurants on the waterfront of Banbury quay. 
Lock 29 is the beginning of what is yet to come and I cannot be more excited.

What can I found at Lock 29:
Local producers of all sort such as

Rustic Bean Juice'd.
I have a love affair with The Rustic Bean since they first open their coffee shop (61 Parsons Street -Banbury) just over two years ago. It's without doubt the best coffee in town (trust me I tried them all).
Lately the Rustic Bean family grew bigger when they opened their Rustic Bean Juice'd bar in the Lock29. So now I can get my caffeine fix  while I shop. Perfect! 

Tom's Vegan Deli.
Like the name suggest offer you anything vegan and deli related like crafted juices, fudges, biscuits, crisp, and anything else in between! Also do check Tom's diner (from the same owner) by the Banbury museum which is entirely vegan and extra delicious. 

Jane Elizabeth's confectionary.
Every time I walk passed this confectionary its with a lot of will power that I try to not purchase anything as all it smell and look delicious. Imagine the sweet smell or caramel, chocolate and toffee! yass !Christmas is coming fast and trust me some of my family would find fudge from Jane Elizabeth's confectionary in their stocking! 

The English larder.
I love this little store with anything you want from fresh bake breads, juices, biscuits, fruits, vegs etc. Everything locally source and little to no  carbon foot print as everything is British. What is not to love really?

I must shop there real soon to get my salmon fix. Its a matter of time.

The Country Victualler
I already purchased, few weeks ago the biggest and yummiest pork pie ever coated in Blue stilton cheese. Yes literally blue stilton is my favorite cheese. Of course I had to get it. Their pies (along with many other delicacy) are hand made and made with quality and local produces of course!. Also thumb up for their sausage humongous roll which are a real treat !

Also...more are to join Lock29 amazing adventure in weeks to come such as a large selection of 
take away food stalls such as sushi, pie, burgers etc. Like I said this is only the beginning so be prepared to see more exciting opening in the upcoming weeks.

Oh don't forget this week with any purchase you get a FREE Lock29 tote bag (just like mine below) made from recycled materials of course ! So what are you looking for?

Let s not mentioned a beautiful art wall rainbow like for all instagram selfie pic.

Go support local producer and independent shops. Lock29 is your destination next time you visit Banbury Castle Quay. 

Thanks for reading. 



  1. Nice! They have cute decors! How's the coffee?

    Jil Diamante

  2. I abaoslutley LOve places like this xx

    1. oh you should come to visit . thanks for your comment.

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