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Wednesday 7 October 2020 Banbury, UK

Hi all. Unless you've been hiding in a deep cave in the middle of desert for the past 10 months we are living a very weird year and most likely next year too (yes because Covid won't expire on the 31st of December I am afraid) but one thing that I tried to do during this uncertain time its too keep positive .

I mean do not take me wrong of course its not been easy everyday and my mental health suffered at time but keeping my spirit positive its what kept me sane.

I though this time around I share with you few Netflix feel good movies. Its good to share things that are happy rather than the news, right? Those movies won't make you think too much they are not going to change the world but are here to give you a smile on your face for 2 hours and you know what? Those are positive vibes that we all need right now. So let s start shall we?

Enola Holmes
Starring Millie Bobby Brown famously known from Stranger Things is playing Enola Homes the sister of the already world famous Sherlock Holmes played by Henry Cavill (Man of steel, the Witcher...) & Mycroft Holmes played by Sam Clafin (The Hunger Game) who goes to London in search of a mother that disappear. Along the way she met a young Lord Tewksbury after he escaped his family. Both of them are trying to understand why a mystery man is trying to kill them. Why her mother is part of a secret society based in London and why she disappear? Lots of questions, lots of twist but let be assure an happy ending and a movie that will lift your spirit up high. 
Millie Boddy Brown fit perfectly the witty, smart young Enola and let not forget to mention that Sam Clafin & Henry Cavill are eye candy so what is more to ask? Go watch it. 
Also I only just find out it is based on a series of 6 novels and now all I want to do its to read those 6 books like now. 

The ladies in Black
This Australian made movie was a real surprise. I randomly came across it and decided to give it a go. I was not too sure what to expect but it turned out to be smart, kind and a feel good watch.
The story is based during a summer of late 50's . Lisa is a shy schoolgirl who takes a job at the famous Sydney store: Goode's. While in the middle of women's liberations & the impact of European immigration Lisa meet the 'Ladies in black' that will forever change her life.
I found this movie utterly charming and just beautiful to watch along with all the beautiful costume and the life during the 1950's. I loved it.

*Note: At the time of the publication of this post The Ladies in Black was no longer available for viewing on Netflix but is available for download on other platforms.*

Julie & Julia
This movie is largely based from a true stories. 
This witty and charming stories its about the intertwines of the lives of two women who are both , through separate by time and space, at loose ends until they discover their passion about food. Anything is better with butter and trust me once you watch this film you'll understand why. Meryl Streep is excellent in her persona of a women from the 50's and just to watch her hilarious and lovable performance this movie is a must see for a feel good night in. 
Just make sure you have popcorn in hand mixed with sugary warm butter! Enjoy!

Hope you like this little selection and if you watched the above already or planning to please do let me know in the comment below. Also any other suggestion are more than welcome !! 

Thanks for reading !




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