Adderbury Lake- Cotswold

Wednesday 7 October 2020 Adderbury, Banbury, UK

Golden leaf, crisper air, crunch leaves under your steps. Few little things that make me feel alive and happy to be part of this world and see the changes within. I need to see the positive and this is what Autumn deliver for me that positivity when things crumble around you when the world is afraid and gasping for air. Look, look what nature do and say to you listen to her learn and respect her.

'Oh! Fall with its many swallows, the airs are so full of golden feathers, and orange-red ones too, that they call to mind the gems of Elven-home.'

From Narqelion, translated by Chris Gilson- J.R.Tolkien

Adderbury -Cotswold - 18.10.20


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