The Past Few Weeks #3

Monday 29 February 2016 London, UK

I cannot believe February is over and March is here already! Where did the time go? Crazy isn't it!! So I thought it was the perfect time for me to do a round-up of everything that has happened via my Instagram since December last year! 

So what happened? Well first thing, if you haven't read my previous The Past Few weeks #2, is that I finally found myself a job, well... it's a temporary position but due to my unlucky time toward the last third of last year I am very happy to have partly secured myself a position that is in my field (Fashion) and to add to my luck my team is lovely and the environment is stress-free! Something that, if you work in this Fashion industry is rather rare to find. Fashion is not for the light hearted so I am definitely enjoying it for now.
I also got invited few weeks ago to the BarryM Spring 16 launch which was for me kind of a special event as it is a beauty brand that is known all around the country and also BarryM is a brand that I genuinely love, especially their nail polish collection. So this great beauty event was the kick start of an exciting blogging year ahead for me.
Another blogging event that I attended to was the Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week Party! This was my second time with the Bloggers Hangout crew! As usual, there were many old and new bloggers to meet and lovely brands from Beauty to Foods! 
I have two other events this year to attend later this month with Supernatural Beauty launching their new London store and the #BloggersBall organised by ScarlettLondon coming in June which would be my second event organised by that talented lady! So far it has been events all around and I am certainly not complaining.
On a more personal note, in April my family are FINALLY coming to visit my boyfriend and I in London, I am originally from France and my parents live in South of France but they are not easy to convince to come to visit so this is rather a lovely news to be able to show them my home and you know ...London life! This will be a shock from their quiet country life I'll tell you.
Also we reached this year 500+ followers on my Twitter and on my Instagram which my not look much compared to others but for me, this is a rapid growth so I am a very happy bunny.
So what are your latest events, news ...? Tell me all by commenting below, and as a side note: all the above pictures are from my Instagram if you would like to check it out that would mean the world to me, thanks!

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