Wooden wonder by Timbergram

Thursday, 25 February 2016 London, UK

I have a thing for tigers. Tigers of any kind, quirky print tigers, colourful tigers, tigers with hats on or something silly like this then I am in! And not just tigers, deer, penguins, sharks or bear too! Yeess! don't ask why it is just an odd thing of mine. 
When I saw this beautiful tiger wearing a colourful feather and printed on a small postcard sized piece of wood, well I just fall in love with it and I had to bring it home with me. it would have been silly to bring it back alone so I choose another print with daisies and roses, somehow I do feel both prints compliment each other really well. I got these two prints at the Saatchi Gallery shop a few weeks ago when I went to see the Champagne Life exhibition, and they are actually postcards but made of wood, clever hey! I have no intention to send them but I will keep them until I find the right frame for it, probably by putting both in the same frame. What do you reckon? Any suggestions? Both of these prints were made by a company called Timbergram and their wooden postcard prints can be found also in the Oliver Bonas shop, Selfridges, The Conran Shops etc. I just feel that they are very different to what can usually be found. It is little things like this that could make a house a home! 
 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54493-296-79E53BC17D95187FB5D27BBF5946862B.png


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