Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty

Saturday 6 February 2016 London, UK

For my birthday, which was in December, I received this beautiful Ted Baker Brilliance of Beauty Make Up Set. I'll be honest with you that I've never tried anything Ted Baker beauty related before, I know fairly well their fashion brand but even though Ted Baker is widely available at Boots I have never tried them. So getting this make up set was kind of a lovely surprise to finally try something non fashion related by this brand.

This  very pretty box has two compartments: the bottom one which is like a little drawer and the top one opens with a lid.
This beauty set has almost everything you want,  it includes two nude nail polishes that wowed me, I am sure by looking at them you'll agree with me. One is more on the light pink side and the other is more light taupe so a perfect addition to my nail polish collection!! A beautiful eye shadows mini palette set which became my latest favourite, I mean look at this little shimmery beauty! I love the colours which go from copper to gold to champagne which I have to admit are the type of colours I always go for as being a brunette, they just suit me better, and please lets all take a minute to appreciate the rose gold packaging too! I mean come on! Beautiful! Next this box included a blush / highlighter palette which is very lightly textured to the touch yet very pigmented, it's also become a little favourite I must say and also take good attention at the Rose gold detail again! I also got a lipstick in a matt nude colour which is probably my least favourite the colour and perhaps a bit too much on the 'orange side' for me. Pale matt colours do not suit me at all so I'll probably give this one away as it needs a more loving home than mine. Also this box included a very shiny dark pink lip gloss, this is an other product that has a beautiful colour and if it was in the form of a lipstick I'll probably be loving it, but me and lip gloss don't agree and I often find them too sticky or leave dodgy marks at the extremity of my lips, regardless of the brands it always happened so I might also give this cute little one away as it needs better love. Also a mascara was included. I have to admit I haven't tried it yet but the brush is on the giant side which often does not work for me but yet again I'll give it a go and you never know it might become my new favourite thing. A black eye-liner was included which I tried and was rather happy with the result. A cheeks and lip tint dark pink stick was also part of this box, a lovely colour but lip tint products never really wow me and they have never really been part of my make up routine but yet again I'll give this product a proper try and we shall see. Also this box came with a beautiful rose gold lash curler which is a gadget that I'll never use, as I don't think they do anything, but as a photo prop I am loving it! Also I got two brushes: a large puffy brush for blush, press powder etc. which is really soft and made to a great quality along with a smaller brush for eye shadow that also is made to a great quality so I am very happy with those two to add to my brushes collection, I can assure you they are going to be well loved.
Overall I am very impressed with this beautiful make up box set, apart from perhaps 2 or 3 products that I probably won't use I feel most of those products are beautiful additions to my make up collection, also the box is probably going to be used a jewellery box as it is too pretty.

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