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Saturday 20 February 2016 London, UK

I feel like we don't speak enough about the Color Boost jumbo pencil by Bourjois, this collection has been around for quite some time and in my opinion, they are the most hydrating, colorful and shiny jumbo stick lippy out there. 
And when you have such a great combination why look elsewhere?
From this collection I have tried 3 colours so far, the last two (now at the end of their lives) were: Plum Russian a deep rich purple that, if you know me you know it's my second favourite colour after red and the second one was Red Island, a vibrant red colour. This time around, I decided to try a different colour and I chose Pinking Of It. I tried red and plum so choosing a pink colour was the obvious choice to me. Why choose Colour Boost? Well for 3 reasons: colours, hydration, shine and perhaps even a 4th reason: Price. Compared to other jumbo pencil lipsticks such as the very famous Clinique one, Bourjois offers a more affordable alternative. What about the shade? Pinking of It is a vibrant pink with a hint of fuschia and a slight blue tint overall beautiful, vibrant and bold. I think it is a perfect colour for Spring but I definitely could not wait until Spring to put this gorgeous shade on my lips, I am sure you'll agree with me? Way too pretty to wait! Colour Boost comes in a total of 9 shades, from nude to coral, pink, red etc. there are so many more to choose from that the question is: Which one should I take home next? I'll be honest, I am very tempted to purchase Russian Plum and Red Island as they've been so well loved that I want them back in my collection. What about the texture? The texture is very creamy and almost I would like to say very wet if that makes any sense? Which brings me to say that if you want hydrating lips then this is your ally, the colour stays and if you just want a subtle hint of colour one touch would be enough or (like me!) want a burst of colour then you can just build it up as you wish. What is my overall opinion? Well if you haven't guessed already it's very positive, and somehow it has become my favourite jumbo lip crayon on the high street for all these reasons: Colour, shine, price and gorgeousness all around. 
Have you tried Colour Boost by bourjois?

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