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Tuesday 2 February 2016 London, UK

Last Friday I had the awesome privilege to be invited to Barry M's spring '16 launch and being genuinely a big fan of Barry M, and especially their beautiful nail polish line, (If you don't believe me please find my Barry M post here) I could only be very excited about this event.
Their Spring 2016 launch was held as the iconic St Martin's Lane Hotel in London, right in the heart of the West End. At my arrival I was welcomed by a lovely member of the Barry M team and she kindly introduced me to their new Spring 2016 collection which are to be officially launched in Superdrug on the 10th of February and in Boots on the 17th of February. This new Spring collection is divided into 6 groups: the Brow Kit, the Chisel Cheeks contour kit, the That's How I Roll mascara, Quick Dry nail polish collection, the Sunset Daylight Curing collection and finally the famous Gelly Hi Shine nail polish collection.
Without any further ado here is a little introduction to each of the collections: Lets start with, I have to admit, the start of the show: 
Sunset Daylight Curing collection which is a gel line without the need of the UV lamp: This Spring, 4 new colours are on the menu and here they are: Bug a Blue, Empire State of Mint, Pinking Out Loud, All the Thing Red and finally the Sunset Top coat. All are rather vibrant tones, Sunset shades inspire of course.
Quick Dry: The other very popular Spring collection has 4 new shades too. They are not as vibrant as the Sunset collection but more lilac and pastel pink tones which is what I have been wearing a lot lately, they are called: In a Flash, Freestyle, Winning Streak & Personal Best. I'll be honest with you I have never tried the Quick Dry collection before so I am rather looking forward to having a go and if you want a little review then drop me a comment below. 
Gelly Hi Shine,the third Spring collection in the nail polish family is already my little favourite at Barry M. I probably own a good dozen of them and I am not stopping there. Also 4 new shades are being showcased this coming Spring and they are: Butterscotch Sundae, Cream Soda, Acai Smoothie & Pink Lemonade! I am not sure who chose these names but you'll agree with me they are super cute! I am so looking forward to trying them also their shades are very pale, in the nude palette they are rather similar to the Quick Dry's one. I am also looking forward to try them.
That's How I Roll mascara: another product that I am also very keen to try. I remember last year really enjoying their mascara; Showgirl which was one of my last year favourite mascaras, not only because it gives me great volume but also the metal packaging makes it a little bit more special, a little bit more pricey I guess (even so it is not pricey at all) than the plastic version of other brands we are familiar with. So this new Spring mascara That's How I roll will be tried and I'll report back, so watch this space!
Finally Two new products that are launching in a few weeks time is the Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit and the Brow Kit both in two shades to choose from. In total honestly I never tried any of their Brow Kit's or Contour Kit's mostly because I don't really 'contour' or use brow kit, I am more of a bronzer and brow pencil type of girl you see....but as I am always keen on trying new products I will give them a go. By the way both kits come in two shades: from light to medium and from medium to dark skin tones.

After having a good nose about looking at all of this beautiful collection and taking a huge amount of pictures (you know: 'us' bloggers are not satisfied until we photographed a product in every possible angle) I decided to settle down and enjoy a little manicure which was rather a good opportunity to try one of the new Sunset Daylight Curing colours, especially that it was a rainy day over London that and I needed a sunny colour on my nails. My manicure was done by the lovely Claire and for the occasion I choose the new Pinking Out Loud from the Sunset Daylight Curing collection which is a vibrant pink. 
PS: Sorry about my sausage like fingers :(

So how excited are you about this new Spring collection? Also not only did I kindly get invited but I also went home with the most amazing goodie bag ever, basically I got offered the whole collection, yes you hear me well : (I couldn't believe it, honestly you should have seen my face!) the whole collection! I came back home knowing that I was a very lucky and a very spoiled lady that day. It was Christmas all over again.
I would like to thank Barry M for the invitation, for the lovely welcoming, time spent with them at the venue and also for the amazing goodie bag! I felt like the luckiest girl in town. Thanks a lot!

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