My Little Beauty Box | January Edition

Saturday 13 February 2016 London, UK

Ok I confess, I was yet again weak and subscribed to My Little Box. Back in 2014 to early 2015, I was subscribed to it, along with Glossybox, for about 6 months or so and then I stopped both of them mostly because I was getting too many products a month. I hear you say: What? Who is complaining about getting too much beauty products? Well...Me ! as much as I love skincare and make up it was way too many to try in a month, my shelves were getting far too full (along with the other products I carried on know I can't help going to Boots on a weekly basis, right?) so I stopped both boxes with a little regret I have to admit, especially My Little Box which always been my favourite. 

Here is my first My Little Box for rather, what seems like, a long time. This January edition reminded me how much I missed it, getting few surprise beauty products along with a magazine and other treats each month. The star of the show when opening my box was the diary! I mean look at it! It is the perfect blogger companion, right? It's pretty ,quirky and useful, oh and have you noticed the rose gold writing on the cover? I mean come on .... and it's a mint colour ! MINT! Yaaasss!! I have fallen in love with it if you haven't guessed and I couldn't wait to photograph it over the weekend so I could then start using it. The other three products that made me very excited are Klorane shampoo with Quinine and B vitamins and its partner in crime: Klorane conditioner with Quinine and B vitamins too. I know this French brand rather well for their quality and use of natural products found in flowers and I was delighted to get medium sized bottles to try. They are also just the perfect size to take on holiday or for a weekend away, don't you think so? My fourth favourite is My Little Box's own beauty brand called My Little Beauty and this time I got a Acai oil balm which looks adorable, I am sure you'll agree with me. I have already worn it and it's does give a lot of hydration and I can already ensure you this is not going to leave my hand bag for the next few months! By the way if you wish to read my review on the My Little Beauty range click here. And finally perhaps my least favourite is a selection of small ribbons that can be used as bracelet, I have to admit they look very cute but I don't think it is something that I would wear but yet again can be used as blogger prop, right? I always find a use for everything! Last but not least My Little Box also contains a little magazine which always has beautiful pictures and interesting articles to read mostly in relation to the products offered but along with other interesting subject such as interviews with actors, bloggers, make up artists, fashion designers etc. and not always the 'famous' ones you might expect but people just like me and you.

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