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Sunday 7 February 2016 Covent Garden, London WC2E, UK

I know you are probably not going to believe me but I purchased my first ever MAC lipstick. Yes I know ...sorry!! But I am more a Chanel lippy kind of girl you see (I still love you Chanel!!) but I have to do the big jump and try a MAC. I had to try MAC and I made a big mistake because I am now hooked. Why oh why goddess of the beauty are you doing this to me? Why? Like I have not enough addiction already!

So yes I went to MAC in Covent Garden and I spent a good half on hour browsing their huge lipstick collection and then I remember that all I wanted was a classic, a classic matt, a classic matt red. Ruby Woo was there, it was the obvious choice. It was looking beautiful in its black packaging and without any more hesitation I took it home with me, it was red, it was matt, it was beautiful, it is Ruby Woo
This lipstick is always what I wanted, it has that timeless classic retro chic about it. You know like in a Jean-Luc Godard movie set in a beautiful black and white Paris in the 50's. It has that beautiful French retro je ne sais quoi about it. The texture is obviously matt and you have to have your lip ready for it and by that I mean nice soft lips. If they are a bit dry, especially with this cold weather, I don't think this lippy would look as nice. So get the balm oil and the lip scrub out. The colour is a rich pigmented red, obviously, but not too deep, just right, just perfect as I love them. And it lasts, lasts and lasts. Just perfect! Can this lipstick get any better? Probably yes but I'll stop there as Ruby Woo might get big headed. so which one would be next in my new MAC lipstick collection? Any suggestion for a French brunette like me? I am all ears. 

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