The Bloggers Hangout London Fashion Week Party

Sunday 28 February 2016 London, UK

Last Monday was quite a good day to wake up to for me. No Monday blues at all because I had an afternoon Blogger event to attend. It was the Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week Party 2016 Edition! I still had to do a bit of work in the morning but when it turned 12 pm it was like, turn off the laptop, goodbye colleagues, grab the handbag, retouch the makeup in the bathroom on the way out, put the sunglasses on and goodbye office and hello sunny and buzzing London.

 The cocktail Mania 
The cocktail Mania 

This was my second event Bloggers Hangout event, last time it was all about food (The Bloggers Hangout Christmas Party), this time: it was a mix of beauty, food and drink. It's with a bit of anxiety and excitement that I reached the Bloggers Hangout location in Hoxton. The place was already getting busy with many other bloggers queuing to get in and I was very excited to get thru the entrance verification and see what was in store for all of us! And it's with delight that yet again The Bloggers Hangout crew did not let us down. First of all, I thought this time around the location was amazing, a bridge arch transformed into a cool, large, red brick large room, it was screaming 'Instagram photo bomb all around' and this large room was filled with inviting brands. 
I'll be honest with you, my first thought was to see all the beauty brands first, well I am not a beauty blogger for nothing, right? The first brand I visited was ARK Age Aware Skincare, two lovely ladies introduced me to the brand which I found out was British (hello footprint saver) and they also believe in using as many natural ingredients as possible. Their range is for women of all ages, from the teenagers to the more mature and for every skin type, dry, oily combination you got it! I also find their packaging ultra beautiful and elegant and I was lucky to be given a little goodie bag which contained their Award Winning Pro Remove Pre Cleanse which has been well loved and used since then. 
My second beauty brand that I visited was Naturigin. A brand that offers alternative hair dye who used 98% of natural products, less chemical for your hair and the environment, this can only be a great combination and also it's not tested on animals, 'hello Naturigin I love you already'! As you know I am a hard believer in using, more eco-friendly products and Naturigin is just delivering what I love so what's more to ask. On that note, I was also kindly offered to try one of their 19 hair dye kits so I chose and ordered Brown 04  that is very close to my natural hair colour, I will report back on this product in few weeks time, so watch this space ladies.

Now to the Supernatural Beauty stand...and guess what? More natural products! I was certainly in heaven this day. So what is Supernatural Beauty? A brand co-founded in 2015 by Tyron & Jenny which I had the pleasure to meet. These two are passionate about natural products and especially using ingredients that offer protection, hydration and also help if you suffer from Eczema. Their products are 100% natural and around 75% to 100% organic.They are offering, facial oil, balm, body butter etc. so check them out!

As you know my second favourite thing after Beauty has to be food and The blogger Hangout wasn't lacking any of it. One of my favourite, that I got to try, was The Hawaiin Fish Company which dished up for us a succulent fresh tuna salad call Poké made of rice, fresh tuna, pineapple, sesame seeds and addition to spicy sauce, oyster sauce to the liking, it might not sound much but it was honestly fresh, very tasty and slightly different to what I am used to. If you like sushi then you would love Poké.

                                                                      The Hawaiian Fish Company

Another favourite foodie brand that I discovered at this event was Popcycle. Basically, this is not your every day lolly pop...No that would be too easy!!! Popcycle are specialised in doing alcoholic lollipops! Now I can see I grabbed your attention *place Emoji wink face here*. If you like cocktails and lollipops then look no further as Popcycle understood all and mix both together. Genius how did I not think of that myself!? My favourite was the classic, but well loved, Gin & Tonic! Having said that they are also offering a large mix of non-alcoholic lollies just in case the kids are around and 'big kids' too, my favourite has to be the Mango one. Popcycle is made in UK, it's Fair Trade, Vegan and it's a lollypop on wheels! Where do I sign?

The lovely lady at Popcycle

I spent a good two hours at The Bloggers Hangout, meeting old and new bloggers, it's always a pleasure to be all together, have a good catch up while discovering new and upcoming brands. A big thank you to the Bloggers Hangout for the invitation and to all the brands that generously gifted us with yummy treats and many skincare products to try, and which I will review on my blog in the upcoming weeks.


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