The Red | St Valentine Edition

Tuesday 9 February 2016 London, UK

The first thing that I thought about when doing my St Valentine's post was it has to contain red,  it has to contain lipsticks and they have to be red, so the red lipsticks edition was born! I am a red lippy type of girl, I have the lip for it like my mum which reminds me constantly 'why hide them' she would say 'embrace what you've got' and I really do! (my mum was a make up artist it my explains the bold statement!). I do own a large collection of red lippy but those 3 are my top favourites for their quality and their beautiful red colour it is as simple as that.
Chanel 99 Pirate . A very deep red just as I like it, highly pigmented and with a rich luxurious texture, you know the one that lasts and lasts and lasts and it is Chanel! Just by wearing it you feel glamorous already even if you just pop out around the corner to get a pint of milk.  
KIKO Luscious Cream lipstick No 510This one has a slight orange undertone but still a radiant red, perhaps not as bold as the Chanel but still it comes with a bold statement in my opinion! Also this collection is inexpensive and KIKO always gets it right: they've got the choice, the colour, the quality and the affordable price so you can't go wrong.
MAC Ruby Woo. This is the Retro Matt look, you know The Classic, It is red, it is bold and it is matt, like very matt and it will suit everybody, it is not a classic for nothing. I personally think this one should be in every girls make up collection. A must have!

Happy St Valentine's Day

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