Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer | Review

Wednesday, 17 February 2016 London, UK

I have been looking for a little while for a bronze/ golden-ish marble bronzer but as much as luxury brand such as,Chanel, Hourglass etc. had what I was looking for but I wasn't ready to pay the tag price well not this time anyway and this is by pure coincidence that I came across this gorgeous bronzer by Makeup Revolution. Side note: I temp to use bronzer more as a blusher than a bronzer but then again never say never. 
I was at the time more interested in looking at lipsticks and mascaras when I saw in the corner of my eye this beautiful bronzer & and just knew it was what I have been wanted for ages! Then, to my shock, I realised that the tag price wasn't to cost me an arm but only a little £3. Knowing the good reputation that Makeup Revolution has with all their palettes I though this Vivid Baked Bronzer quality might not be much different. So I happily brought that bronzer back home hoping it would deliver high expectation I already had.
What are my though on this Vivid Baked Bronzer? well the fist things that I noticed it's that it is very pigmented which to my opinion it is very good as it only mean that this product will last a long time as you definitely won't need a large amount and, I guess, you can easily build up the shade depending of your carnation, tan etc... What about the shade? The shade, as you can see is a golden bronze with a marble effect. The colour is obviously more on the bronze side than gold but the mix is rather beautiful I have to admit. What about the texture? It is very light to the touch and it is slightly creamy but once applied it become a silky touch powder which I found it very easy and lovely to apply. What about the packaging? The bronzer itself come as you can see in the picture, no outer packaging as such, but let's be honest here: at £3 you cannot expect an Hourglass packaging type of bronzer. The bronzer is in a solid plastic container that, if care for, would last a long time. personally knowing my high reputation for damaging blusher etc. especially in my handbag I will keep that bronzer at home so it will look lovely and mostly last me a long time. Yeap! I am the type of person who easily smash palettes, blusher, hence why I spent half my life replacing them and I am not even talking what I break in the kitchen area either! This is another subject in my long last relationship with having two left hands.
I hope you enjoy my honest review and on the last note that honestly think that if you're on a budget and looking for a beautiful highly pigmented bronzer I personally think this one tick all the boxes so don't hesitate. 


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