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Sunday 10 January 2016 London, UK

To celebrate the 150th year of the publication of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, the British library in London  exhibiting, until April 2016, many illustrations, artefacts and re-adaptations from Disney to Mervyn Peake, Salvador Dali, Leonard Weisgard etc. 

 Courtesy of British Library
 Courtesy of British Library
Courtesy of British Library

 courtesy of British Library
Courtesy of British Library

When I heard about this exhibition, I got suddenly very excited because not only Alice in Wonderland symbolises innocence and many magical moments to many people, but also inspired me in my everyday 'make believe' stories during my childhood. I always had a very vivid imagination when I was young and according to my parents I could spend hours on my own recreating magic worlds such as Wonderland or many others stories. Also who wouldn't spend a little afternoon having tea with the Mad Hatter or trying to catch the White Rabbit, honestly who wouldn't? So last Tuesday I managed to find a window of opportunity and by opportunity I mean it suddenly stopped raining and the sun did come to apparition in London, to find my way to Kings Cross St Pancras station.
As I was hoping the exhibition was really well put together, explained and illustrated with the addition of adorable ceramics, tea cups and characters all dispatched all around the exhibition under high vigilance. I have to admit it was very hard for me to restrain from touching them, everything was so damn adorable and precious. All I wanted after my visit was to plunge myself into the book or even better re-watch the Disney version so loved by many of us. If you get the chance to see this exhibition in London then I strongly recommend that you also visit the Alice in Wonderland pop-up shop on the ground floor. I'll be honest with you I don't usually recommend visiting shops but it is so lovely that it would be a delight for your eyes...well let's say it's some kind of a 'drink me' bottle on top of your visit.

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