Tuesday 19 January 2016 London, UK

I don't know about you but there is something about pearls that just make me feel a little bit special. Perhaps it's that pearls have been around for thousand of years. Perhaps its because they are naturally made, perhaps it's the shiny pearly reflection that makes them so beautiful or perhaps it's just that somehow they represent some kind of sophistication or even perhaps the representation of femininity in all its glory! Either way pearls and me always have been a big love since I used to borrow my mum's pearls when she wasn't looking when I was probably not more taller than the chair I am sitting on right now.

So when I got this beautiful set at Christmas, it just ticked all the boxes, Yes the boy did well (perhaps I may have suggested few times that I like pearls, you know type of subliminal message here and there, we have all been there ladies!), I just love the colour of my pearls! They are natural colours yet not the conventional pearl colour. Pearls do not come only in ivory but a range of colours depending of the sea they are coming from. eg. saline water, fresh water and also sometimes with the help of human hand to help get the right colours or size along the process. I do love sterling silver a lot and actually I would very often choose silver over gold perhaps because I feel it goes with my skin tone better. One thing that I love about this set is that the design is quite natural like a leaf lacing a gem, there is something quite earthy that I really do love.
So what are your thoughts? Do you think it is a set that you'll enjoy wearing as much as I do? Sorry I cannot tell you where it came from as this was a gift.
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