Colombia Road Flower Market

Saturday 23 January 2016 London, UK

It was on a very cold, icy Sunday morning, all wrapped up with hundred of layers, that my friend Betsy and I decided to brave the chill that seems to have suddenly covered London lately, and visit the Colombia Road Flower Market. This colourful market is about 20 minutes walk from Bethnal Green and is open every Sunday from 8am until 3pm. 

 It was my second visit to this market but this time round I really took the time to enjoy every aspect. Last time I think I just walked passed in a rush to get somewhere else and barely noticed it. What I really love about this place is it combines a very pretty road, full of cute independent shops selling coffee to art, housewares and vintage furniture, and right in the middle of this there is a beautiful, charming flower market. I first I though this market was mostly some kind of open air wholesale market for traders but it actually felt more like a place Londoners can spend a nice Sunday morning stroll and get few bunch of flowers for the week to brighten their homes. This market was very inviting, there was obviously hundreds of different flowers and plants and the sellers themselves were all friendly, joking about, welcoming and in no way pushing for a sale so overall it was a real pleasure. And as mentioned above also all the surrounding shops are as inviting as the layout of colourful flowers. If you are on the look out for something a bit different and a bit more inviting to very busy touristy markets in London then take your steps to Bethnal Green this weekend.
By the way this is a post heavy on photo but I hope you'll like it. 

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