Star wars | The Force awakens

Thursday 28 January 2016 London, UK

This is the first movie review on my blog, I decided lately to go out of my comfort zone and talk more about subjects that are not necessarily beauty related but different things that matter to me and are part of who I am and a bit of change is always a good thing. If you're a Star wars fan and haven't seen it yet, do not worry they won't be any spoilers in this review so like they say:  keep calm and carry on reading.
To understand my passion about Star Wars, I think we'll have to go back in time when I was a young kid. At that time my head was full of dreams and stories like most of us I guess? I was a child with lots of imagination especially anything to do with sci-fi and space stories or big treasure hunt type of adventures, I was there all the way. When the first Star Wars came out in 1977, I was only a few months old (I think I just gave you a clue about my age?! Oh dear!) but I had only seen all 3 originals many year later on the 'small screen'. Every time they were on TV my brother and I would, with excitement, watch them religiously, imagining that we were both Jedi, fighting back the evil Darth Vader and obviously talking about it for many days after.
For me the release of Star Wars VII | The Force Awakens was kind of a big deal. After the lifeless CGI disappointing episodes I, II & III by Gorge Lucas, about 10 years ago, my expectation was very high! If J.J. Abrams could not bring back the spirit of the first 3 originals then no one would. Since I found out in 2014 that Star Wars VII was in production it was probably the most exciting news for me for decades (Yeap literally!), but we still had to wait ...wait almost two years to finally view it.
On the day of the long waited release in December last year its with a lot of stress and anticipation that my boyfriend, friends and I went to view it at the local iMax! All I was thinking on that day was: 'Please don't let be a disappointment!' I truly didn't want to be disappointed, I wanted to love it, I wanted to find again that inner child in me that used to watch Star Wars with big eyes full of dreams and stars.
And then we sat, we waited and after what seemed hours this happened : "In a galaxy far far away... "my heart bounced harder in my chest, the Star Wars theme sound started and I was hooked.
2 hours and 15 minutes later... We came out silent and then my first tough was : 'Wow! and...Wow' ! I could not entirely swallow what just happened? All my wishes were granted, J.J.Abrams did it! He recreated the magic that seems to have been lost with episodes I, II & III. He magically managed to go back to everything we loved from the originals, recreating that proper Star Wars world using puppets, raw materials and real scenery, using unknown, talented actors while gently mixing them with the old cast was genius, it was as I remembered: Epic, fast, funny, magical, beautiful, surreal, mysterious! It was everything that I always wanted. The story is embracing yet perhaps not the most original as the storyline is not that different to A New Hope Episode IV but it leaves you to be on the edge of your seat at every minute so who cares? Episode VII leaves you wanting more, it leaves you with that very happy feeling at the end of it, and that feeling to see it again and again.
Also I felt that you don't need to be a fan just like me to enjoy it, it is approachable to the most sceptic person, I truly think that If you want to have an amazing time and be at the edge of your seat at every minute then this epic space opera will grant your wish! 
So don't be scared and go see Star Wars, honestly you won't regret it!

"May the force be with you."


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