Cat Make Up Bag | Cute Edition

Tuesday 26 January 2016 London, UK

I definitely did not need another make up bag, but I definitely needed a cat make up bag in my collection, and I am sure you'll agree with that...I hope? I am someone, who despite being in my 30's, loves cute little things, cartoon inspired, fluffy, Japanesy etc. I certainly do not want to grow old and boring so why not add cute little things in my life. I would carry on until...pretty much forever to the despair of my boyfriend.
This cat make up bag was a found on Amazon at a bargain price of £1.99 it is actually a copy of the Urban Outfitters version which at literally ten times more expensive. So yeeesss !!! I did not say no to a bargain! The quality might not be as high as the Urban Outfitters version but I am certainly not disappointed with it. The outside is in a soft black velvet fabric with a cute fabric pompom attached to the zipper. The inside is a simple black fabric with a pocket along it. It 's just the perfect size to keep essential make up when you are out and about. And come on it is just adorable! Personally I had to have it !
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