My iPhone design with Case App

Saturday, 9 January 2016 London, UK

I am a sucker for lovely, out of ordinary iPhone cases, so when Case App contacted me few weeks ago about reviewing their website and custom my iPhone, I just couldn't refuse.
All I had to do was to try their website and ultimately design my own iPhone case and also this website give you the possibility to also design a case for another product such as a Samsung phone, Sony, iPad, iPod etc. so not just Apple products.

First of all what attracted me most was how user friendly of their web site was, you can either design your own cover by uploading pictures and then adding colours, effect, stamps, logos, writing etc. basically do whatever you fancy! 
Or do like me and choose a picture template. I have to admit it took me a while to decide what I really wanted as there are so many designs to choose from!
 I first went for a beachy themed picture but after a while I changed my mind and I went for a marble background, I kept the colour quite natural then I added the feather with flying birds as I though it kind of reflects my mood and perhaps somehow looks like a design that could fit into my blog quite nicely and to finalise all this I decided to add my own blog's name to make it more personal. During my design moment I was also able to choose my own front, size, colour etc. basically the design outlet available is infinite and everybody can have their own unique design and the choice is very large.
So here my personal iPhone case which I really love. I think its something that suits me and that its rather quite personal.

What do you reckon?

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*This post contains PR samples. This does not affect my opinion of the products.


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