Seventeen Mini Eye Palette

Thursday 14 January 2016 London, UK

Last Christmas I found in my stocking this Mini Eye Palette by SeventeenI'll be honest with you I probably have never bought or tried anything from this brand before, for no particular reasons really, I guess it never occur me to try them before. So I really did not know at all what to expect with this mini palette. To be honest at first I wasn't overly excited by the packaging, its quite colourful yes but the cheap looking carton and lack of a nice design didn't appeal to me at first but I am the type of person that never judges a book by it's cover so I was very pleased to find out, once opened, six very beautiful coloured eye shadows that literally got me very excited. 
First of all because those colours were definitely shades that would suit my eye colours and complexion but secondly all they had a lovely shimmer which is what I usually go for. 
All six colours do not have any names, which as you know too well that not having name for an eye shadow or lipstick is outrageous, maybe I am exaggerating a bit but you know what I mean, so I will try to describe them to the best of my ability.
Top row, left to right: we can find a champagne like colour, followed by a dusty pink and a plum like colour. Then for the bottom row from left to right: a taupe colour, then a lighter pink colour followed by an aubergine like colour.
Also this palette, comes with a very small little brush. I'll be honest with you I'll probably never use this small brush but never say never. And finally Seventeen also included a small rectangular mirror which which can be handy especially if you take this mini palette away on holiday or for a weekend break.
I didn't wait long to try it, on the morning of boxing day I reached for this Mini Eye Palette and decided to try out the dusty pink from the top row. My first impression was that the colour was rather pigmented and shimmery and applying it was easy. I had no negative things to report about it only positive vibes. My second impression was to find out, hours later that same day, that my eye shadow lasted nicely all day long, the colour was still there, still shimmery, still hanging on perfectly. The next day I went for a much deeper colour and the result was the same. 
Dear Seventeen, you receive two thumbs up from me for your Mini Eye Palette, but please maybe rethink your design. Yours cordially , Marie.
This palette which at first didn't wow me much turned out to become my new favourite. You can find it at Boots for £8, which I do think might be slightly expensive, especially if you compare this mini palette with Sleek palettes which for the same price offers a nicer design, good quality and double the number of eye-shadows but as Seventeen produces six beautiful colours that are not only very pretty but deliver so for those reasons I'll forgive them. 

Do you own a Seventeen palette or any of their products? Please tell me all by commenting below. 

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