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Sunday 31 January 2016 London, UK

I've never done this type of post before but like they say there is always a first time and I hope you'll enjoy it. The past few weeks I have been enjoying using three of my three favourite products listed below for my evening skincare routine. Those products are the Delia Vitamin A,E & F serum, along with my Sancturay Overnight face & neck cream and Benet's Balm.

Delia Serum Vitamin A+E+F. I got this golden gorgeousness a few weeks back after my beloved Maple Holistic Serum ran out. This Delia serum feels like the perfect evening pre-sleep remedy to me, first all it smells like a warm mix of floral / honey (sorry I am rubbish at describing scents) you know that kind of beautiful scent that you can't get enough of. The texture is fairly greasy but is very easily absorbed by my skin in a matter of minutes, after a gentle massage on my face and neck. After use I do feel my skin is extremely soft and somehow I can just feel the goodness on my skin. Thanks to all the vitamins that this tiny bottle is packed full with, you know the good ones for your skin! So I can only love it. I'll be honest with you I don't use it every night but every two to three days because of the richness and also because it is recommended not to by the brand but still I can feel the goodness. This serum is slowly but surely becoming my early 2016 favourite skincare product.
Sanctuary SPA Overnight Face & Neck cream. Right!! this one was an end of year purchase which rapidly became a favourite. I do love a good, thick, nourishing face cream before bed and this one ticks that box, but not only is it rich it also smells amazing, some kind of citrus scent mixed with bergamot oil? (yeap!! I am still rubbish at describing scent!!) that I am obsessed with. It is full of essential oils and natural ingredients to add the final touch after my serum. I feel like my skin is saying 'thank you' after every use especially after spending a day in an over heated office, dusty overground and polluted London air. I am loving this also, can you tell?
Benet's Balm, This tiny cute pot was a purchase over a year ago when my boyfriend and I went to visit the Buckfast Abbey in Devon. The abbey had a small shop offering a fairly large amount of the Abbey's home made skincare products made of different local ingredients such as honey or plants such as lavender, rose etc. I came across this 100% natural balm made of bees wax and mineral oil and let's say that it's been on my lips every night pretty much for the past 3 months already. My lips feel very soft every morning and it is so thick that you do not even need a lot! I still probably have enough to last many months to come. Ooh and can I say again please that the little pot is just damn cute!  

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