Film Noir by H&M

Sunday 3 January 2016 London, UK

You know that lipstick that you constantly try on at Boots, that you constantly look at, that you want so badly because some how it will go perfectly with that new outfit or that new bag, or for that party you have planned for weeks. In my case it's that I have a big thing for plum lipstick but not any plum lipstick the one with lots and lots of sheer! 
I love plum sheer lipstick it is my guilty pleasure. The sheerer (is that a word?) the better! So when I found the Film Noir Sheer lipstick at the new H&M beauty range I became obsessed with it! I have to have it but...yes there is always a but, my bank account at the time didn't agree with it and was as dry as the sahara desert so it was goodbye beautiful lipstick!! But I come back with a vengeance, and that vengeance was called: My Birthday and Christmas wish list ! I am lucky, or not depend which way you see it, that my birthday is literally a week before Christmas so I took on the opportunity to cheekily leave ideas and message to love ones of the little things that I really would like for my birthday and one of them was obviously the Film Noir 417 by H&M. 
Funnily enough when H&M launched, at the end of last year, their new beauty range I was not excited about it because from my past experience their old range always left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.  They never wowed me, the quality was questionable, the design boring and cheap looking and the price tag was a big put off. But to my big surprise after reading many reviews on their new beauty range and visiting their store then my thoughts about them changed. I haven't yet tried all their products but one thing that I am rather impressed with it's their sheer lipstick collection, this Film Noir lipstick is literally my latest favourite and it  hasn't left my everyday make up bag or my lips since then. It is, as promised, very sheer, pigmented but not too much, It does not dry my lips, also the packaging is definitely a big improvement, the black & white design is a beautiful classic that will never fail. I have now more confidence to try others in their range, I am thinking to try perhaps one of their body lotions along with more make up.
Have you tested H&M beauty range? Let me know by commenting below. 

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