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Wednesday 6 January 2016 London, UK

We all have at least one beauty item in our collection that we have that special connection with, that special something, perhaps that first lipstick ever bought, or perhaps that first palette when we saved every penny for weeks to be able to offer it, or perhaps that one item from a rare collection that we cherish. Well in my case its got to be my beautiful Rouge Pure Shine YSL lipstick in, I believe, the shade SHA1 (Coral), sorry the label is so worn off that I can barely see the reference. 

This lipstick was given to me by my mum about eight or ten years ago, it goes without saying that this Yves Saint Laurent lipstick design no longer exists, I tried to find 'archives' of it but without any success apart from on few auction sites. Even so I have worn it on many occasion in the past, I don't really wear it any more, mostly because I want to save the last bit of the bullet as a memory of how it looks rather than saving it for future wear. Every time I look at this lipstick all I see it's my mum, the way she wore it, the smell, seeing it in her make up bag, or the golden shine reflecting on her make up table...everything about it reminds me of her. I will keep and save this lipstick for ever until perhaps, if one day I have a daughter then I'll pass it on to her.
What is your most cherished beauty item?
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